What kind of cream or soap do you use for head shave?

Discussion in 'Head shaving' started by fimpster, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Shotwell

    Shotwell Well-Known Member

    I used Head Slick and a HeadBlade the first couple of times I shaved my head. It was something I just started doing in July. The Head Slick product is easy to find (Walgreens or Rite Aid) and it was good stuff for shaving in the shower and lathering without a brush.

    However, once I discovered safety razors, I started using the same cream or soap that I use for my face. Granted, I only shave a small part of my face (cheeks and neck line) so I'm rocking the bald + beard look.

    I always use a brush. I find it exfoliates and softens the skin, and I notice that now that I shave my head, I get fewer blemishes. Unless you count when I get careless and nick myself.

    Right now, my favorite soaps and creams for head shaving are:

    - Haslinger Honig Rasierseife
    - Omega Crema da Barba (I just ran out, unfortunately)
    - Maggard Limes and Bergamot
    - Wilkinson Sword shave stick

    And of course Arko and MWF.
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  2. chromedometone

    chromedometone Active Member

    I only have one DE head shave under my belt (or face shave for that matter) but I used the same for both. Proroaso cream a brush, Gillette Tech with a Shark. Ill check in more in the future.
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  3. Swiffer

    Swiffer Active Member

    I actually can't get my head with my DE. I have to use an electric to get an irritation and close shave. I guess whatever works right? I also find that I need a heavy menthol cream or soap for my head. Not sure why.
  4. Robyflexx

    Robyflexx Broke the Like button

    I use whatever soaps and croaps I used for my face and brush also. I rotate a bunch of different cartridge razors and occasionally a DE. lately my go to has been the Personna Magnum 5
  5. MarshalArtist

    MarshalArtist Psychiatric Help 5¢


    I just started to use this shaving stick for my head. I cannot say enough good things about it. It has taken the drudgery out of creaming my head and getting things properly lubed up. For the first time I have no irritation after I shave my head. I thought that was just a fact of life for head shaving, but it seems that’s not so.
  6. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    The same applies to me. I've tried many products over the years. I've been using a DE to shave my head for about five months now and I really like the results. Before that I used a Headblade but would always need a cartridge razor to shave behind my ears. now that I use a DE that's no longer a concern.

    Paul D
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  7. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    The 34c is my current daily razor for the same reasons you mentioned.

    Paul D
  8. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    I can use any kind of razor on my face and dome. I use the same soaps and creams for both areas, but Cremo is the best for headshaves.
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  9. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    Lately I've been switching between Head Slick and Proraso White and I'm getting great results with both. I'm expecting a Captain's Choice soap sampler some time this week and I'm looking forward to trying that product line. After that I just might give Cremo a go!

    Paul D
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  10. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Paul, You may be very surprised with Cremo's performance. I use it when I am in a hurry and don't want to dirty a brush by lathering my head. It really is a great product.
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  11. MR41

    MR41 Well-Known Member

    Arko. Or anything I want. My head is easier to shave than my face.
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  12. 9nein9

    9nein9 El Scratcho

    X2. Good stuff.
  13. Troy M

    Troy M Prep: Mephitis mephitis musk

    I've changed my approach over the years. Now I just use whatever body wash or bar soap I have in the shower and use a 2 bladed Bic plastic razor about 3 times a week while I shower.
  14. 9nein9

    9nein9 El Scratcho

    Works great! Its made in the USA as well.

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