What makes one a "vendor" on this site?

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    I have HUGE issue with shady practices at Shavenook regarding banning of an account. I posted a couple left over towels that I had from a previous order and they banned me for being a vendor. No questioning, just ban. I emailed them to get an explanation and nothing. Shady practices and even worse customer service etiquette.

    Does selling several items make one a vendor? So selling multiple shave soaps, brushes, etc make one vendor? Obviously not. Shavenook is going down the slippery slope it seems.
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  2. Omelmad

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    Maybe if you ONLY go on their site to sell stuff and never post anything else, that would mean you are taking advantage. But if it is the occasional towel or soap then yeah, they aren't very practical when banning their members
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    TXFIVEO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that wasn't the case. Oh well, I'll just "Bye Felicia" them. Haha
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    At least here, there's a distinction between selling things that are your own vs. selling things that are part of your business. You'd have to ask a mod or check the help section for details. Goat-based sacrifices and cookies may help your cause. ;)
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    A Vendor is someone who has an established website, brick and mortar store or other online shopping outlet. A vendor is allowed to post a thread in our Vendors Corner about products and such related to their business. HERE are the Vendor rules.
    Members who meet the classified section qualifications, 3 months of membership and 50 post can make 1 thread a month to sell products.

    TXFIVEO Well-Known Member

    This site seems to use common sense, which isn't so common anymore. I thank the staff member for clearing things up, a classy move unlike the other site.

    Anyways, I didn't want to start a bash on them, just clarification and some venting. :)
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