What Phrase/Phrases Irritate You?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by DaltonGang, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    ooooh ok...I'll be on the lookout.
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  2. preidy

    preidy Just call me Dino

    "What ever"
  3. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I hear this one all the time...

    "If you have any questions, call myself"

    Another one of my favorites that I hear all too often...


    And of course, the all too common response to Have a Nice Day...

    "You do the same"

    I almost forgot this classic...

    "For all intensive purposes"

    Another one of my favorites...

    "Let's be pacific"

    After I say thank you to someone and I get the response of...

    "Uh Huh"

    Here are some of the classic business meeting phrases that make me cringe.

    • Net, net
    • At the end of the day
    • The bottom line
    • Too much on your plate
    • Let's touch base later
    • Let's take that one off line
    • Let's see what they say
    • Let's ring fence it
    • That's par for the course
    • More to come
    Yes, I am easily annoyed!
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  4. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    "At the end of the day", I go to bed. Other phrases that match that sound more professional-"In the end, "In the final analysis". As for "Irregardless", how about knocking off "ir" and less"(as they both mean the same) to just say "REGARD". Oh boy, I haven't yet heard "If you have questions, call myself". That one is WEIRD.
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  5. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    The "Call Myself" one is really catching on with the millennials. It seems to be all the rage nowadays!

    How about this one?

    "I hope you're doing good"
  6. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Is that the new "replacement" for "How are you?"

    I have to admit, I am guilty of the "uh-huh" after someone thanking me. Workin to change that one!!

    I think we can safely change "honest" to "frank". They both mean the same thing. Let the "new-wavers" deal with getting used to that.

    the "you know what I'm saying?" has gradually morphed into when people make a sentence sound like a question(for instance...."I wouldn't do that if I were you?"). I kinda prefer the "you know what I'm saying", but I do see your point.
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  7. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of any use of "-colored" or "-shaped", as in "It was a blue-colored car."
    Is that "blue-colored" as opposed to "blue-shaped"?
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  8. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    Church jargon. Just because we believe in Jesus doesn't mean we have to create our own secret language. Just say what you mean. No wonder non-church attenders thing we're weird.
  9. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus

    No doubt
  10. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus

    Is it because people hear "should've" incorrectly, not understanding it's a contraction?
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  11. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    My thought exactly.
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  12. whaap

    whaap Active Member

    After I say 'thank you' you respond with "it's nothing" instead of you're welcome.
  13. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I am becoming annoyed so with the use, by Olympic commentators, of "medal" as a verb.
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  14. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    they stand there, all dressed up in suit&tie, saying that, pretending not to know how silly they sound on national TV.
  15. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus

    They don't mean "meddling in the Olympics?"

    Nothing is real anymore...
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  16. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus

    No problem
  17. Rusty blade

    Rusty blade The Good Humor Man

    "With all due respect..."
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  18. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

  19. Star

    Star Active Member

    This has already been said before but since it was the first thing that came to mind I will say it again:

    "In all honesty...","Honestly...","The truth is..."

    Any variation of these annoy me greatly. Are you implying that you weren't telling the truth before you interjected with this hollow qualifier?
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  20. Kizurra

    Kizurra Well-Known Member

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