What we do while in Alaska

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  1. cubancigar2000

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    imagejpeg_01.jpg imagejpeg_01.jpg Lincod is IMO the best eating fish in the ocean even though they are one of the ugliest. Much better than Halibut
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  2. PLANofMAN

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    They are fun to catch as well. The blue/green flesh throws some people off though. In my opinion the only two fish that taste better are wild salmon and swordfish.

    I might go fishing for sea bass, china rock, and lingcod this fall. I miss deep sea fishing.
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    SHAVEWIZARD420 Well-Known Member

    that looks like a sea serpent! nice catch!!:signs107:
  4. cubancigar2000

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    Seabass, another great eating fish. I am plum tired of Sockeye Salmon. Freezer is full
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  6. david of central florida

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    nice catch
    do they give a nice fight?
  7. cubancigar2000

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    Yes, they are real fighters. That one was over an hour

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