What's the Best Pre shave for electric shaver?

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by marcolxvii, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Nice to see another older thread resurface. I am sure Marco has found an answer to his question already or decided to try an alternate shaving method.

    Either way, the same Alum blocks us wet shavers use as pos-shave treatment can (and actually should) be used as a pre-shave for electric shaving. Only wetting the stone of course, not the face.
    Those with a Bloc Osma Alum at home can read that same recommendation on the back of the cardboard box and I know a handful of electro-shavers who do this with good results (or so they say, but hey, why should I doubt them. As we say here at TSD - whatever works for you)
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    I don't think "good shave" and "Mach 3 or Fusion" should ever be in the same sentence lmao
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    Being disgusted by the answers and the general elitist and condescending attitude here i like my account removed from this "gentlemen's" board please. If you want to learn how to easily spot a typical bad part of the internet, then you'll find the common mantra is "your favorite thing sux".

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