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    Some years ago in a small village in Italy, while enjoying one of the best barber shaves ever, I spanned the language gap and prevailed upon the tonsorial wizard to sell me a few tubes of the marvelous cream he was using. It was branded "Point" and manufactured by Farmagan. To my delight up to that day, every other barber I found (that'd be many) used Proraso (I still love it).

    Anybody ever heard of "Point" shaving cream (flavored with coconut) or have a clue where to get it in the US? I still have a smidgen left that I hoard like it was the last Viagra on the planet.

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    That is indeed the stuff! I e-mailed the company some time ago but never heard back. Not sure if it exists in the US.
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    One of the best after shave lotion made in Italy.
    For sure, the most hidden secret.

    I really love the fragrance of the old versions Apres Mieux:
    • 445ml both with spray https://www.ebay.it/itm/113751690627
    • 500ml Classic splash https://www.ebay.it/itm/113147960966
    • 500ml Fresh splash https://www.ebay.it/itm/132702237108
    My fav is the green (Frais), so fougere and vibrant.

    Now there's only the new one, the Point Barber Young.
    Never tried, It'd be simpler as scent.
    More as the Proraso Green, with Eucalyptus oil.
    But the base is on another level.
    If I've razor burn, I do not think to Proraso ... but Farmagan.

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