What's your best budget cream?

Discussion in 'Shave Creams' started by Rusty blade, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. rhtoras

    rhtoras New Member

    Top 3 in no particular order are:
    Palmolive classic
    Lea Menthol

    I have not tried Erasmic but i'd love to.
    If speick was a tad cheaper i could add this too to the "budget" creams i like.
    Also i can't talk about discontinued creams like gillette 00's or 80's Oldspice i have/had for obvious reasons.
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  2. Ursa

    Ursa Well-Known Member

    Still have a couple of tubes of Real Shaving Co. Sensitive cream, sourced from the Rite-Aid chemist's just down the road from me. These were frequently on sale for around US$5. Excellent stuff.

    The local Rite-Aid used to offer an extensive array of men's creams and gels. Sadly, they're down to about a dozen offerings total nowadays.


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