Whiskey, Porch Games, and a Pipe

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Shawna, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Shawna

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    What a relaxing way to spend a cool evening in Florida.

    Jeff and I were sitting on our lanai, bundled up in long jammies and jackets, sipping on some good Canadian whiskey (well, he was sipping, I was shooting :D), playing Yahtzee and smoking pipes.

    Having not smoked a pipe before it was quite an enjoyable experience. I think next time though I would prefer a menthol blend rather than the Captain Black that we had. I will say it was a good pairing with the whiskey, somehow made it go down smoother.

    So, next chance we get, you'll find us on the porch, playing a game and enjoying life. Preferably Backgammon next time, so I can win! :D;):D
  2. southernscribbler

    southernscribbler Well-Known Member

    Happy to hear a couple that shares similar passions. Unfortunately right now, our times are shared in front of the "boob tube". But I remember many times when we would sit in our backyard around our constant campfire and listen to the tunes on the radio (classic rock or country) drink some beers, smoke an occasional left handed cigarette and enjoy the kids coming and going in and out of the house to share the warmth or to tattle on each other. But it was "OUR" time to relax and shed the trials and tribulations of the past week, and even better, to make future plans or just share dreams of the future. Nothing better than that! At one point, I pitched a teepee (about 25 feet tall and 15 feet around), right over our camp fire. Good times!
  3. JoeMal

    JoeMal Member

    I will definitely be calling you next time I'm in Florida :) Crown Royal (assuming that's what you're drinking...) is one of my favorites! I owe Jeff a meal, anyways
  4. battle.munky

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    Don't forget the "flash fried" eggs, bacon, and homefries Dad. And hopping into the way back machine, the horse shoe tourneys between you, Grampy, Dennis, Scott, et. al.

    Man, those were good times!

    We really had a teepee too!
  5. Shawna

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    Such great memories, thanks for sharing ;)!!

    Since Jeff and I have known each other, porch time has been a priority. Some of our best memories are simply sitting on the porch, sharing some drinks and playing games ... Risk, Yahtzee, Backgammon ... Stratego ...whether it's at home or at the condo we vacation at every May. Plus, every meal we have at home involves Scrabble. (And every meal we eat out involves Hangman ... did I ever mention we are super competitive?!? :rolleyes:)

    The whiskey ... welp, I'd like to say it's always Crown but it's not ... Although I will say, Crown Black, that's the way to go ... so smooth you don't even realize your drinking alcohol. :D:D

  6. JoeMal

    JoeMal Member

    Crown Black is amazing. If you want a Rum to drink that is so smooth you forget you're drinking, try 'Kraken'
  7. Shawna

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    Another great Saturday spent on the porch. After the cold snap we had this past week and all the hours I've been putting in, it was nice to get outside today!

    We started off in Plant City with High Tea, combed a few of the antique shops where Jeff found a new shave brush and the kaywoodie pipe he was worrying over all week. ;) Thank goodness it was still there!

    We high-tailed it home and camped on the porch all afternoon. :D:D

    Jeff tried out his new pipe .. I bypassed today, the last time I partook of the new cherry pipe tobacco, I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like my tongue was duck-taped to the roof of my mouth. :rolleyes:

    I didn't win at backgammon the other night ... but did whip him pretty good in Uno last night! :D;):D
  8. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    Ah, living in florida must be great. I was just thinking tonight how nice it would be to sit on my back porch and smoke a bowl of Hobbit's Weed. Sadly, it's hovering just above freezing out there with a petulant drizzle. My once-a-week pipe has turned in to a once-every-two-months sort of affair. I can't wait for summer.

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