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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by SSLSTudio..., Jun 28, 2009.

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    Since im focusing alot on Cardio lately I would like to take up skating/ skeelers . not sure what is the difference if there is any.

    I am talking about outdoor Skates. and I would like the best advice there is or best skates there is because quality counts when your making many milage.

    I will not take any lessons I have rollerskated alot when I was a child and currently for Cardio I skike alot .

    any advice for what to look out for ,what to do, what not, size of wheels
    buying online vs buying in a sports store please as much as you can tell ?
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    Hi Rene,

    I sent you a PM, these are the skates I am currently using....


    They are K2 Radical 100's with 100mm wheels. One skate has a brake in the rear or you can T stop but that can wear down the wheels and chew them up a bit. They are great skates and are very fast if you put some muscle into them.

    The larger wheel size makes going over cracks in the pavement, rocks, twigs etc... a lot easier than the smaller wheels and the larger wheels smooth out the feel of asphalt or concrete.....

    They also make a Radical 90 with 90mm wheels and are a little easier to turn but still very fast.

    K2's run very close to your normal running shoe size, but I would try going 1/2 size smaller as they do stretch a bit and the padding will break down a bit.

    I bought them online as no local sport shops had the model I wanted and only had skates with smaller wheels in stock. I actually tried a couple different sizes to insure the fit was good and then sent back the pair that was too large, I just wore them inside the house to make sure the boots fit well...... Remember not to skate with them outside as they will refuse the return if the wheels show wear.....

    They do have good warranties as well and the product support is great from what I have read.

    Anyway, you can do some research online, I love the K2's though....this is my 2nd pair of them and they are quite durable....

    Here is a good site for some some light reading on skates :cool:


    Let me know if I can help with anything.


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    Thanks Neale,

    great stuff, Do you know if there are any DVD's about skating showing technique and product info perhaps ?

    skate on the weather is great for it.
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