Wickham Soap Co - 1912 shave soap (Union Square) Review

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by StormyWeather, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. StormyWeather

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    Water used: Hard (maybe very hard?)
    Scent: Union Square
    Brush: Omega 10048
    Razor: Viking Crusader (setting 3)
    Blade: Astra SP (shave 1)
    Scent (9/10): I generally don't get soaps I don't like the smell of to begin with, so this rating is almost always high for me. That being said, it smells like cherries to me (fair play to the brits.) Now, compared to Cella, which to me smells like cherry coke, this is a much more subtle, cleaner cherry in my view. If Cella is a brick to the nuts of cherry scent, this is a gentlemanly tap to the sack of cherry. If I'm wrong about it being cherry scented, then a general way to describe this scent would be sweet and floral at the least.

    Lather ability (9/10): The only thing that I've tried that lathers quicker to me, is Tabac -- which is one of the fastest lathering soaps I've tried that still maintains decent performance. Was able to VERY quickly get a thick lather off this and load the brush. Because it lathers up so quick, I felt I could load a little less into the brush itself vs say Stirling soaps, so I did have to rinse out after pass two and go back to load for my final and cleanup pass (three and four). I feel if I shook my brush out more before loading, I might've been able to load a little more soap though. Definitely not a thirsty soap, so apply water sparingly. And moisture on your face is probably more than enough after you dry load.

    Slickness (8.5/10): To me the performance is similar to something like Stirling. Razor glided nearly effortlessly across my skin. It's not as if I put pure glycerin on my face or something, but it definitely gave me a good shave, reliably, each pass.

    Post-Shave (7.5/10): GFT being probably my gold standard, it wasn't quite to that level between passes -- but it was pretty much what I'd get out of Stirling. Once again, pretty comparable, maybe even slightly less. Face felt good after shaving before I applied balm, and between each pass I had barely enough slickness to do little touch ups if I wanted. Overall pretty solid.

    This is a solid soap. I love the smell of it personally, and didn't even know it was a Pastuer exclusive at the time I selected it -- I just liked the smell better than the rest on the shelf. It's definitely a solid member of my rotation in terms of both performance and scent. Zero regrets selecting it without knowing much about them.

    Overall (8.5/10)
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  2. BlueShaver

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    Nice review.

    Which GFT btw?
  3. StormyWeather

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    Coconut oil
  4. RyX

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    Same for me. The louder the scent the better, assuming it's a scent I enjoy. I looked on the Wickham website - no info. This must be a discontinued scent.
  5. StormyWeather

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    Don’t think it’s discontinued. It’s Pastuer exclusive.
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    Ah, that's different then! When I see something that looks new or different I like to google for the details. I got a tub of Scottish Heather made by Wickham so I'd recently been to their website. Now I'll need to search up Pastuer's website!
  7. StormyWeather

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    You could probably get it by ordering from Pastuer itself directly. If you call them they told me they can invoice you privately and ship.

    Their website doesn't always list what they have in stock -- in fact, it doesn't have much. Just call them and ask about doing a shipment and they'll help you out.
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  9. RyX

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    I'm not a big fan of cherry scented, but thanks for that link to ShaveDash.com. They do ship to the US and I see many soaps I haven't tried.
  10. Frijolero

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    I've bought from him several times. I'm a fan. He has a really awesome selection.
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