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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Smooth Steve, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Smooth Steve

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    I was wondering what gaps people use with the Wolfman OC base plates. For those who have tried or are lucky enough to own multiple sizes, how do they rate across the range compared to other razors? They offer quite the range from .48 to .86. I like a more aggressive razor, but also appreciate a "relaxed" daily shave. .61 is the standard and I ordered a .74 in a stainless OC for a bit more aggression. I would be interested in hearing comments and recommendations from those that have some experience with these beautiful razors.
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  2. clint64

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    I have a SS OC with the 0.61 gap. I find it to be a very smooth shaver and more efficient than a New LC , ATT R Plate or Slim on 9. I also have a Ti OC with 0.74 blade gap. I find it to be a very smooth shaver as well. I do feel the blade more. It is very efficient but not as harsh as a Ikon Tech for example. I can and do use both as daily shavers.
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  3. Smooth Steve

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    Good to hear. James sent a note that my .74 was shipped yesterday. I look forward to seeing how it will shave. Thanks for your feedback.
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