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    For Sale - The "I Don't Have Another Job Yet" den clearance sale

    Gentlemen (and ladies),

    I don't want to whine but I'm still out of work after almost more than 2 months of working with recruiters and going on interviews... the positions just haven't lined up for me yet.

    So... my crisis has now become your opportunity!

    I'm selling off a bunch of my razors and some other gear to make some money so that my family and I can keep our mortgage payment up and go on a family vacation to Florida we have been planning all year.

    Here are the items I'm selling. All prices include shipping in the United States. I will ship to Canada or other countries if you are willing to pay the additional cost for postage/airmail costs and as long as its not too inconvenient to ship internationally because of what I'm shipping or where I am shipping it to.

    PayPal required -- and no trades at this point since I am really just trying to raise some cash in a hurry.

    One other note! I always try to take photos of what I am selling in the harshest light possible with the sharpest focus. What this means is that the photos you see here are actually more revealing than you will typically see with the naked eye. Some pics show blemishes, water spots, scuffs which are more pronounced in the photos than they are in "real life." What I'm trying to say is that I always try to under-promise and over-deliver. So chances are, the razor you get will actually look better than the photos, which show every little detail.

    **SOLD** - Gillette 1941 Ranger Tech - $50.00. Works properly, no retaining ring issues, but showing signs of age (scuffing, discoloration). Still a fantastic shaver. This is definitely the 1941 version - it has no endcaps, has an unnotched blade bar inside, and has the Patent info on the smooth band on the handle. Hate to part with this one, but need the cash.




    **SOLD** Lady Gillette Starburst razor in blue - $25.00. Pretty razor (for you or SWMBO). Light blue coloring. Everything in good working condition. Doors open smoothly. I've used it a couple of times myself and found it to be a great razor, comparable to a Flare Tip but with a longer handle. These sell on eBay for upwards of $35.00 plus shipping. But like the other razors I am selling, I would prefer to see these go to a fellow TSD member, even though I need the $.




    Gillette Black-handle Flare-Tip M4 (4th quarter 1967) - $25.00. Another of my birth year razors. In good condition, doors open smoothly, not much evidence of plate loss. Black handle has a couple of faded spots commensurate with this razor's age. Very smooth shaver.




    **SOLD** Gillette TV Special Flare-tip D1 - $25.00. Solid razor, works well, has a few signs of age. Small scratch on the handle, some scuffing on the head. These are definitely becoming harder to find in the wild, particularly because this model razor was sold for one year only: 1958. Being a D1, this was the first quarter this razor was made! TV Special pics:






    **SOLD** **SOLD** - Gillette Pre-War Fat Handle Tech in Nickel - $20.00. User-grade. 1 of 2 of these I am selling. Handle is very shiny and has little evidence of brassing or base metals showing through. The leading edges of the head do have some brass showing through and plate loss. Would be an excellent candidate for replating, though. Great daily use shaver.

    NOTE: ADDITIONAL PHOTOS VIA IMGUR - The forum wouldn't let me post them all here in one message.

    **SOLD** Gillette Pre-War Fat Handle Tech in Nickel - $20.00.User-grade. 2 of 2 of these I am selling. This one has some copper/brass showing through on both the head and handle. Minor scratches on the head. All in all, a great razor... would even be an excellent candidate for replating.

    <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="//imgur.com/a/7UAZ0/embed?background=f2f2f2&text=1a1a1a&link=4e76c9"></iframe>

    Gillette "1940's-early 1950's" Super Speed razor - $20.00 - Believe this to specifically be a 1950 model from the notched blade bar inside, combined with the stamping of "PAT NOS ON PKG." (The 1948/49 version spelled out the word "package" inside, but has the same unnotched blade bar). Works properly - none of the retaining ring issues you sometimes find in these razors. Being a 1950 Super Speed, this is the last Super Speed model Gillette made without a date code... not sure if that makes this rare or not.Pics of the 1950 SS: http://imgur.com/a/OmR9d

    **SOLD** RazoRock Mission 3-piece razor - $15.00. In almost new condition, only used a couple of times. Very solid razor with a grippy handle and awesome audible feedback. Milder than the Jaws razor. Photos:http://imgur.com/a/AfKHQ

    **SOLD** Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Phoenix Dbl OC razor. $27.00. Unique style head and extremely grippy handle. A mild shaver for it being open comb. Bought new for $38 including shipping. Including the original HTGAM box this came in. Like-new condition - shaved with it three or four times. It's a great razor, but I have to part with some of these despite how much I enjoy them. Phoenix pics: http://imgur.com/a/lg7uG

    **SOLD** Schick Krona with Metal knob and blank silo doors -- $25.00. The metal knob, according to most collectors, is from the first year or two of production (1964-65). This one and the other Krona I have up for sale are excellent shavers that are very mild. Of course YMMV, but being a head shaver I've found it difficult to cut myself with a Krona, as compared to some other safety razors. Paired with a sharp blade like a Gillette Blue or a Ladas, the Krona is an excellent shaving tool. Pics of Schick Krona 1: http://imgur.com/a/qdnBb

    Schick Krona with plastic knob and Schick/Krona on the silo doors - $20.00. Reduced! Now $18.00. This one and the other Krona I have up for sale are excellent shavers that are very mild. Of course YMMV, but being a head shaver I've found it difficult to cut myself with a Krona, as compared to some other safety razors. Paired with a sharp blade like a Gillette Blue or a Ladas, the Krona is an excellent shaving tool. Pics of Schick Krona #2: http://imgur.com/a/uVoeN

    **SOLD** Gillette Slim M2 (1967) in nickel. $40.00. Very good condition, the dial works properly and the doors open smoothly. This was my first birth-quarter razor, but also being a Slim will command a decent resale price, so I'm parting with this one. Photos of the Slim: http://imgur.com/a/iQJjJ

    Friedr. Baurmann & Sohne straight razor - $30.00. REDUCED! NOW ONLY $18.00! Stamped "Comfort" and "Solingen." Cream-colored scales, 4/8 (I think? I'm no expert). Very small chips in one of the scales at the bottom (see last pic in the series). Honed by Stimpy43 at The Straight Razor Place/B&B, haven't used it since receiving it back.
    Photos of the Baurmann & Sohne: http://imgur.com/a/W1dl5

    **SOLD** Vie-Long Lord Randal Mixed Knot (horse and badger) brush - $30.00. Nice brush that whips up a great lather. Very soft but has a decent backbone. Used maybe a dozen times by me, and previously owned by another TSD member, so it has been well taken care of. Very pretty handle with a substantial weight to it.
    Vie-Long Brush: http://imgur.com/a/7R7AT

    Edwin Jagger boar brush with black handle - $9.00. Good condition. Plastic handle with Edwin Jagger logo.
    Pics of EJ brush: http://imgur.com/a/ZprWd

    Vintage Red and Clear handle boar brush "Exclusive Shaving Brush" $9.00. Pretty boar brush with a clear an red plastic handle. It's light weight so would make a good travel brush. Broken in but doesn't seem to lose many hairs to shedding. Not sure if Exclusive Shaving Brush is the product name, or just a description.
    Red/Clear brush Pics: http://imgur.com/a/ReFVT

    **SOLD** Parker Cream and Swirl Badger Brush - $15.00. Weighty brush with a great knot. Beautiful brown and cream swirl handle.
    Parker pics: http://imgur.com/a/BEAsa

    Old Spice "Grand Turk" mug - $12.00 REDUCED! NOW ONLY $10.00!- has a defect/crack in the handle -- looks like it may have been manufactured that way -- and a very minor chip in the bottom. The back reads The ship "Grand Turk," One of the first vessels to fly the Stars & Stripes.
    Mug pics: http://imgur.com/a/RQAGb

    Antique Silver-plated (?) cigarette/business card case - $10.00. Pretty little case with an elastic band on one side to hold in business cards or smokes. Case latches properly.
    Pics: http://imgur.com/a/y4pDb

    **REMOVED - given away in TSD Nationwide Tour box** Handy-Grip Shaving Stick container - $12.00. The top doesn't match the bottom but it does screw on properly.Very cool metal cylinder. Reads "Handy Grip" Shaving Stick, Colgate & Co., New York, U.S.A., U.S. Pat. Sept.4, 1917, other patent pending.
    Pics: http://imgur.com/a/cdv3L

    Vintage pipe rack - $25.00. MASSIVELY REDUCED! NOW ONLY $20.00.I used it for storage of six razors in the holes on the sides, and kept soap containers inside. Works great for holding 6 razors, especially super speeds, FHTs, Merkur, etc. Still has a faint pipe tobacco scent to it.
    Pipe rack: http://imgur.com/a/MwLwd

    Thanks for looking!
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