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    Looking to trade gear i just won't get to use. All decent gear just got other items that I fancy more.


    I'll be honest. Not looking for much.

    The Darkfall Set is for a Bandwagon set with EDT. Everything in that set is new but I may have a single spray on the edt. The splash I think may have a splash of menthol in it. If I remember there were a few early bottles with menthol added in error.

    Things of interest.

    No soaps or creams unless they are unused. Only really interested in GD, Milksteak and maybe A&E.

    Cade Rich Shaving cream.

    Eleven splashes.

    MLS Kraken splash

    Maggards London Barbershop


    Fougere Angelique Splash

    Fougere Gothique splash and edt

    TOBS Lime Zest cream

    And anything else you think I may like. Please send a PM.
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