WTT Gillette 7 O'clock Black for SE Blades

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    Happy Tuesday From Florida!

    So, I am in need of some SE blades to clean my glass flat top stove. If you have one of these stoves and have stubborn stains, SE blades will scrape that puppy clean! No harm has ever been done to the surface by using SE blades held at the proper shaving angle!

    Being a fan of Alton Brown, I don't want to be a uni-tasker and buy industrial blades; I might just grab an SE out of the traveling box the next time it comes around to me, and try SE shaving again... MAYBE. I am forever in love with my 2011 R41.

    I have a bunch of Black Ninjas in a bag that are not getting much use, since I am loading Bic or Feather, or Perma Sharps in the R41.

    So, if there is anyone here that wants to trade for some Gem Blue Star (I think I remember those to be good shaving blades) or other non-industrial SE blades, please shoot me a PM!

    Thank You!

    - Jeff
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