WTT Gold Plated GEM Micromatic

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    WTT my gold plated GEM Micromatic for one of the following.
    1952 Gillette Black Tip Super Speed, stainless steel model
    Gillette Super Adjustable with metal tray (not picky about year)
    1959 Gillette Red Tip Super Speed
    The Micromatic works perfectly; opening and closing with ease. I’ve cleaned the razor as well as disinfected it with isopropyl alcohol; however there’s still some blemishes on the top cap. Most of the gold plating is still in tact. I can only ship this razor in the CONUS so as to keep my shipping costs down. Thank you for checking out my listing. 571EB06B-F137-481B-92D1-CDCC619E9752.jpeg BD673686-1D2A-422F-A8C2-5F6731C3E914.jpeg 4593A0CF-EB60-4922-865C-4A1F1C444105.jpeg 34E8D699-87C7-4D5E-BDBC-85441630BD12.jpeg
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