Yaqi 24mm Black Marble Handle synthetic brush review:

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by matthewoli98, Dec 22, 2020.

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    I saw this brush available on Bundubeard's website at the beginning of December, and gave into temptation and ordered it because it has a beautiful resin handle, and up to this point I've only owned boar brushes.

    Straight after receiving this brush I immediately noticed how soft the tips are, while still retaining plenty of backbone which makes it very similar to a worn in Omega 49 in this regard. This particular brush features a "plissoft" style knot, and it works amazingly well for both face and bowl lathering.

    I was very impressed with how durable the knot on this brush is, being a synthetic brush theres no "wear in" period, and throughout a month of use the brush hasn't even shed one hair.

    I was quite astounded at how quickly the brush itself dried after use, it only took about 5-7 hours to dry compared to a full day for my boar brushes, but up here on the South African Highveld with our relatively low humidity, the quick drying won't really increase the brushes lifespan, but it certainly is incredibly convenient.

    The lather produced by the brush is very thick and rich, I've noticed that it tends to produce a fantastic lather a tad bit quicker than the boars while using less soap, but with a tiny bit of practice the average user would definitely be able to get a great lather from both knot types.

    The only trade off I've found with synthetics is that they don't hold water quite as well as boar or badger brushes, but the very fine synthetic bristles are able to hold way more water than needed to make a decent lather, so its just a matter of dialing in your technique and tweaking it depending on the brush you're currently using.

    The combination of the brushes high quality, low price and remarkably soft bristles while retaining plenty of backbone, as well as the amazingly quick drying time makes it a fantastic beginner brush, one which will last years without the hassle of a break in period.

    Overall this brush will definitely be in my brush rotation and although it performs fantastically and is my new favourite brush for sure, I'll still find myself falling back to the boar from time to time for that extra scrub, but I guess that's the beauty of having multiple brushes, you can choose a different type of brush to suit what properties you want, or even according to your mood.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    cool brush and review Matthew.i love my synthetic brushes as well as badger and boar.i use them with shave creams when i want a nice quick work shave..very predictable results..:cool:
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    For sure, i dont think there's a "better" type of brush, they're all different and have different properties, but the synthetics certainly are the most convenient.

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    Nice review Matthew. I have a few Yaqi synthetics on the way in.
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    Nice, i got my second one today.

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