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    Walgreens had a 20% off sale for vets yesterday (I went looking for the AV gift set but they didn't have it). They get odd pens and pencils there...a few weeks ago I got the Zebra cartridge fountain for $3...so yesterday I picked up the Zebra Delguard.

    I still swear by Zebra's M-701 all-steel .7 pencil, but have been wanting a softer lead to make darker, finer lines for the charting I do at work. Unfortunately, no one seems to make a 2B or softer in anything bigger than .5 so I've been using my Dad's reliable old .5 Parker Jotter with some really good 4B Pentel Stein lead from Japan. The lead writes just how I want but the problem is it's very fragile and breaks easily, while writing gently and even inside the pencil if I drop it or lay it down too hard. So I've been on the lookout for something else. That's when I found the Delguard.

    The point of this pencil is that it's supposed to have an inner mechanism that prevents .5 leads from breaking as easily as that size lead is known to do. It comes with standard HB leads so I won't know how it does for me until I get back to work where my 4B leads are. But the reviews on it are generally promising in more than one place. Anyone had a chance to use this pencil?
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    What size lead would you actually prefer, .7 or something thicker? Vintage pencil lead is fairly common, including 2b, on ebay, you just need to be patient to find something reasonably priced. .9mm was pretty much standard during the 30's and 40's. I know Sheaffer made .7mm leads for a time, not sure which of their pencils took the .7mm.
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    I just noticed this thread and know it's dated. But if you're still looking, There are a few that sell 2b lead in .7mm. Nothing softer except 4b in .5mm. Just look at Amazon, they list a few.
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    I eventually did fine some softer Japanese lead for the Zebra. I now have a small stock of it and it's the only pencil I use regularly. That pencil, and the pen, are going to be collector's items someday.

    The Delguard I gave to a young lady who did very well at work, as a going away gift (she like it and I didn't need it anymore).
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    Staples has a pretty good selection of leads for these mechanical pencils. I used a .5mm mechanical pencil when I worked so I know how easy they were to break. My wife bought me a .3mm Pentel one time, but I don't think that anyone can use that thin of a lead without it constantly breaking. I haven't looked on Amazon for pencil leads.
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