Zebra V-301 fountain pen

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    Apparently this pen has been around for a few years but I only now noticed one at Walgreens. For three bucks and change, it was worth the experiment. It's very light and feels somewhat cheap in the hand, but that's only because I use Zebra's excellent and substantial all-stainless mechanical pencil almost daily, as well as vintage Parker's, so that's not a fair assessment. It is what it is, but what it is isn't bad. Having never liked Zebra's ballpoints, coming from me that's saying something.

    The pen has a semi-hooded nib which writes surprisingly fine but surprisingly well once the ink flows. Comes with two (I think) universal fit cartridges which I'll be able to refill with my personal blend of blue when they run dry. The black that they're loaded with is not very saturated and come out a watery dark gray...not bad but kinda boring looking and insubstantial when combined with the fine line. Needs color.

    No pen will ever replace my trusty trio of Parker 21s but for the money, I recommended it. If it's lost it's no major loss and you can always give it away if you get bored with it.
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