Zinc chromate on a razor

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    If it could be done, would you find ZC plating on, say, a Slim to be handsome or ugly?

    Even if it isnt ringing any bells, you've seen ZC plating. It is that goldish-green, iridescent coating often found on throwaway assembly tools, cheap furniture fittings and such...


    Personally, I think it would make for an unappealing razor but I'd have to see one first. And maybe it has been done already and I just have never seen one.
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    From the Wikipedia page:

    Recent studies have shown that not only is zinc chromate highly toxic, it is also a carcinogen.[17] Exposure to zinc chromate can cause tissue ulceration and cancer.

    Doesn't surprise me that throwaway tools from China use it. As often as most of us put furniture together it's probably no big deal. But a razor that I would use every day? Think I'll pass.
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