2-Blade Razors; will you get a good shave?

Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by CartrigeBoy, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. CartrigeBoy

    CartrigeBoy New Member

    So i had a post "3-4-5 blades" and got alot of feedback from members with the recommendations of using 2 blades. This has sparked my interest for testing out a 2-blade razor.

    I was wondering if you still get a good shave with the 2-blades as you do with the 3-4-5 blades? And is it a smoothe and irritating-free shave with little to no drag?
  2. wolfmanxiii

    wolfmanxiii Member

    I can only vouch for myself, but for me there is no happy medium:

    I shave with a DE or SE or str8 and I'm good.

    I use a 3+ blade razor and I'm good aside from the usual neck irritation and razor burn and bumps that come with using these things.

    I try a 1 or 2 blade disposable and I get nowhere. I shave and shave and shave and they barely make a dent in my beard and just irritate my skin more than anything when trying to get even a DFS.
  3. At this point I suggest you also try DE shaving. From right to me, and 'a whole new world ....
  4. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    trac 2 and atra carts have a history of clogging. I've never tried them with soap lather though. But they do yield a more comfortable shave than mach 3 and fusion. Sensors don't have clogging issues so you might want to give one a try.
  5. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    I recommended a 2-blade razor in the other thread, so of course I get good shaves. It's the extra blades that start giving me problems. That said, the Mach 3 isn't terrible for me.

    One thing though is to use cartridges, not disposables that wolfman discussed. I've never found a good disposable with any number of blades. I have heard of a couple that I haven't tried that claim to be decent, but I don't feel much incentive.
  6. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    precisely. Before finding DE shaving, the 2 blade Schick FX razor was my favorite, and of all cartridge razors I have tried, the best multi-blade system I've ever used, particularly the Diamond FX cartridges. When I couldn't find the Diamond FX carts locally anymore, back when the Xtreme3/Mach 3 came out, I kept the razor handle in hopes of finding more. I finally did when I got the idea to search for Wilkinson Sword Diamond FX ;)

    I get very good shaves from this razor, nearly as close as with a DE or SE, but it doesn't last half as long.

    I have never gotten as good of shaves from cartridges with more than 2 blades.

    And I will also concur that 2 blade cartridge razors are far better than 2 blade disposables, however, not all disposables are crap: Exhibit A, the Bic Metal :D. Single blade disposable, very similar to SE or injector shave, with the main exception being the very light weight of the plastic handle
  7. CartrigeBoy

    CartrigeBoy New Member

    I am leaning toward the Atra and Sensor that you recommended. they seemed to be the most recommended by all. the Trac II seems to be up there on the recommendations. Looks like i might have to try all three.
  8. NoobShaver

    NoobShaver BGDAAA

    If I'm doing cartridges, then the Sensor is my go-to. Schick put out a flexible two blade cart for a while that I liked better but it's out of production now.

    I get better results from my double edge razor blade, and it's a lot cheaper.
  9. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    see my post above :D
  10. Slivovitz

    Slivovitz Well-Known Member

    I've gotten excellent shaves with my Atra, using the no longer available in stores CVS cartridges. There are various other generic cartridge replacements, possibly made by the same company, but I haven't tried them yet. Still have quite a few of the CVS ones, which I'd found were even better than the genuine Gillette cartridges. They were much cheaper, too.

    I've tried the Trac II with Personna Twin II blades, and found it a much rougher shave than the Atra, although tolerable.

    Finally, I got fantastic results with a Schick Twin Injector blade, which is actually not a cartridge in the modern sense, but two blades held apart by a thin metal shim. Been meaning to post more about this, but it will wait. These are no longer made, though, vintage only.

    And I have gotten equally fantastic results with single blade razors. I don't think that twin blades were actually a bad idea, but they led to an arms race of more and more blades until things got ridiculous.
  11. Hairy Alaskan

    Hairy Alaskan eww da toilet

    Over the years I tried several multi-blade razors and the only one that ever worked well for me was the mid 90's Schick Diamond which is no longer produced. Of course back then I was using canned foam so that likely did not help any of the razors.
  12. wolfmanxiii

    wolfmanxiii Member

    That is true regarding disposables; they usually are not as good as cartridges. I've never seen a 2-blade or 1-blade cartridge, but if I happen across one I'll have to try it out. Before switching to DE and str8 my razor of choice was the Bic Comfort 3 Advance disposable. This is actually a pretty good disposable; I stopped using the Mach 3 for these.
  13. Cormia

    Cormia New Member

    I am using twin blades cartridge for traveling with carry-on.
    I found the personna twin blades very good and not so expensive than the trac II
  14. paydepst

    paydepst Member

    The Atra has always given me a good shave when I've used it with the same care I would a DE. You can still get the blades for them at a decent price too.
  15. Boseero

    Boseero Member

    I have been getting better shaves with my bic 2 blade disposables than my new Merker 23C. I think this is just because i'm still getting used to my DE

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