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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by PalmettoB, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. PalmettoB

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    Many of you might have seen this, but some of the newbies and those of you that have been thinking about getting into straights might benefit from this guide by Dr. Chris Moss called The Art of the Straight Razor Shave.

    If you'd rather have a nice print version, there is one available here in full color paperback.
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    First I want to thank Blair for bringing this comprehensive guide to our forum. This is indeed a complete guide for newbies and experience users alike. Now it is here for easy reference to all members. Please take time to read this guide and I am sure you will agree it is The Guide for Straight Razors .

    Again, a big thank you to Blair and to Dr. Chris Moss for his contribution, time and effort. Enjoy.

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  3. Reformation Student

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    I, too, want to add my thanks to Blair for posting this guide and to Dr. Moss for creating it.

    There is great information in it for anyone beginning or thinking of beginning to shave with a straight razor.
  4. PalmettoB

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    When I emailed Chris, he said he was also working on an advanced version, so stay tuned. ;)

    As many of y'all might know, Chris is also the "father" of the Moss scuttle. It was he who sent the design to Sara Bonnyman. He is a real asset to the shaving community in general, and especially us str8 shavers!
  5. Reformation Student

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    An advanced version. That will be worth the wait for sure!!
  6. Reformation Student

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    Instruction applied

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to add a footnote here because, as a result of reading this guide again, I changed some of my shaving strokes.

    The result was a much better shave than I have gotten in a while. In particular, I have been having trouble getting under my chin clean without irritation. I noticed that Dr. Moss used a diagonal pass under his chin for his second go over. I tried that and cut clean through all the whiskers in that area leaving BBS and no irritation. Similar results were had on my upper lip by changing the strokes I was using for the strokes he used.

    Just goes to show that even a semi-experienced shaver can benefit from trying even little changes.
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  7. gugi

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    being a newbie i should probably tape the pictures of the storkes it by the mirror.
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    I read through the info in this thread and it REALLY makes me want to try a straight razor one day soon (uh oh.. the bug is catching!). I remember I tried to do a straight shave years ago with no previous info and a lot of my questions were answered. Heck some of the ideas Dr. Moss puts forth would help DE shavers too.

    Great read!
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  10. TraderJoe

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    As long as we are tallying up his "contributions", let's not forget about the development of the adjustable brush - The Shavemac VLB
  11. minderasr

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    I own one, great brush. But the damned thing is HUGE! Forget about using your stand with this one.
  12. Lynn

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    I have that very DVD in my player right now :)
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    Link doesn't seem to be working, Lynn.

    You have double http on the address.
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    That dvd hasn't left my player since it arrived. I refer to it all the time.
  16. tjgriffin

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    Coming late to the party... :)

    This is EXACTLY what I've been loking for. I've been experimenting with a shavette (a Sanguin Coolcut). It takes half of a DE. I started with a used blade I dulled with sandpaper. I could still feel it when I dug in, but it didn't break the skin.

    After a few "shaves" I wondered of a Feather ProGuard would fit. Lo and behold it did! I butted it up against the posts with the extra length of the blade extending out of the bottom of the holder, closed it and clamped it down. The Feather is thicker than a DE, so it was tight. That's good since the blade doesn't actually wrap around the post like the DE. Hasn't budged yet.

    I've been practicing for about a week just doing the first pass with the Coolcut, then switching to my DE. I've had problems finding good positions so I can get the right angle and see w/o my hand or the handle getting in the way. So this guide is perfect. I may take gugi's advice and tape the pictures next to the mirror :)

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  17. netsurfr

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    correct angle suggestion

    As long as you are getting started and getting the hang of it, try using your left hand. It is not as scary as you might think. I am right handed and and had very little trouble transitioning to be able to shave with my left hand. I still can't throw a baseball with my left hand or anything like that but I have very good control with the fine motor skills necessary to shave.

    Mastering the use of both hands will allow you to see better and lessen the effort necessary to do contortions with one hand.

    Good luck!

    Keep on shaving,
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    being a 20 y.o. with a penchant for acquiring sharp things and making them sharper, im glad i read that article. now to find some place around here that has strops...
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