Any Bourbon Drinkers Here?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Brigadier, Jan 3, 2008.

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  2. Col C

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    Everyone raise a glass of your favorite bourbon tonight. Parker Beam - Master Distiller and member of the legendary family of bourbon makers - died last night.
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  4. SRD

    SRD Well-Known Member

    Gonna be a good Sunday afternoon here in Eastern Tennessee
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  5. Carbide Mike

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    Oh man ! Pappy's ! Can never find it. Wish I could. Been stuck with Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, and Bulleit ! Not a fan of any Jim Beam bourbons except Old Grand Dad, and Booker Noe's. And only buy them by the glass. Pappy Van Winkles's is the best bourbon for me ! Every one has a different palate, but Pappy's, and Woody are my favorite. If I found Pappy's, I would give up drinking water ! :)
  6. RetLEO-07

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    I don't drink fornicate in it.
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  7. Straight razor dandy

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    I love bourbon and scotch.

    My favorite bourbons include:

    Black maple Hill
    Eagle Rare
    four rose s single barrel
    Pappy van winkle
    Old grandad original and 114
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  8. Carbide Mike

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    John Wick drinks Blanton's. And he is one cool cat. !
  9. Col C

    Col C Well-Known Member

    My favorite bourbons are:

    Woodford Reserve
    Basil Hayden's

    My favorite Scotch:


    My favorite Irish Whiskey:

    Green Spot
    Jameson Black Barrel Reserve

    Although I do drink other whiskeys as well - I have my favorites but I also have many other brands that are socially acceptable.

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