cigars, scotch and shaving

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by michael54, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Austinoire

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    Duke Ellington & John Coltrane, 1963
  2. Keithmax

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    I also started with fine scotch, wine and cigars in my early 20's. Wish I started traditional saving them too.

    I'm a morning shaver, can smoke a cigar any time of day but whiskey time starts at sunset.
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  3. nikonNUT

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    Shaving is my morning relaxation. 15 minutes of focused Zen before the madness of work. After work I'll grab a stick (love me a Fuente, or a Tat, or an ISOM) and a wee dram of Balvenie 21 (the girlfriend got me hooked on that) and let the world fade away.
  4. Col C

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    Now that I'm retired - I have moved my shaving to the late afternoon. I take my time. I soak my face with a hot wet towel for several minutes. Then pick the soap that feels like how I feel that day. Three passes usually. If its summer then I move out to our back deck, which is a high rise deck surrounded by trees. Several bird feeders are hung around and it is amazing how many species of birds and the obligatory squirrels and chipmunks that come to feed. Even a family of raccoons will often come and sit (they like the suet we put out for the wood peckers) - peaceful as anything. We have a pair of nesting Bald Eagles on our property and they will usually be sitting in one of the large Douglas Fir or Grand Fir trees looking down at me. I just sit there quietly and many of the critters come within a couple feet of me while I sip a good bourbon or scotch.

    If its winter then after the shave I retreat to my leather chair and enjoy the wood stove and my bourbon or scotch. I use to smoke cigars in my youth - but gave it up many years ago.
  5. fiatster

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    Hey wait a second, we must be the same person. Your name is Michael My name is Michael, you like wet shaving, I like wet shaving, you like cigars, I like cigars, you like scotch, I like scotch, you're 29, I'm 70....Oh, I guess that does make a little difference. Never mind.
  6. Ksblazer

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    I'm very similar

    Relax in the morning with a great shave.

    Wine, micro beer, scotch, Irish coffee or rum and coke. Pair it with a nice cigar and life is good.
  7. PickledNorthern

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    I prefer to relax in the morning with a great scotch.
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