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Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Cryptosolo, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I guess the issue boils down to skin type and sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin and develop nicks and cuts with "aggressive razors" after a long time of developing good technique, then the issue of investing in an R-41 simply goes away. If you are the type that cranks a Slim or Fatboy to 9 and wishes there was an 11 because your skin can handle the razor, then you really should get the R-41. Love or hate really should have no bearing since it is a beautiful functional razor. The real question is do I buy it or not buy it. Your skin should be the true determiner of whether you pull the trigger.

    Now as to Soul Razors, I thought you had unearthed an old James Brown, Curtis Mayfield or Issac Hayes song from somewhere! ;)
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    Ah the elusive "Soul Mate"....How do I love thee... That razor that seems to be able to read my mind, and intuitively always be at the right angle and pressure to float around my face leaving a path of BBS in her wake...Whether I shaved late last night or not for three days..."I believe my "Soul Razor" is just around the corner....:) And when she and I are united it will take seven dust cloths to clean my other two razors from lack of

    'GD' has once again very eloquently and succinctly nailed the issue of whether to "pull the trigger" on the R41...or better yet, just who should be joined with the R41 in the blessed state of "Shavetramony"....:) Beautifully put...Bravo....Personally I'm sure I would probably love the R41 for one or two days a week...But like my Slim Ajustable on #9; which I love for one or two consecutive days; the irritation build-up of daily shaving would take it's course....I need a razor that strikes that unique balence, and can be used every day, or twice a day if I want to take her for a spin, but still be aggressive enough to handle my wirery whiskers without a pull or a tug if I do miss a day or two....I think I might have found her...Razor love is in the air....:)

    PS. I'm sure JB, Curtis, and Issac were searching for their "Soul-Razors" aswell..unfortunatly they we not lucky enough to have the fellowship we have here at TSD to help them on their quest....If so we would probably be humming the sweet refrain to "Papa's Got A Brand New Blade" or "Once, Twice, Three Passes with Milady" in the morning as we whack our whiskers or whip our lather....:)
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    I'm fairly new to all this and am still learning. Is an open comb razor designed more for men with thick beards?
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    Depends on the open-comb.....the R41 is not really an open-comb. It's a safety bar with open grooves but not open teeth. And it is for very experienced shavers because of the way the blades are bent in the razor which gives the edge its angle. In the R41 the blade is pretty much flat so its more similar to shaving with a straight in a way.

    Now the Merker Open Comb razors are very mild and not aggressive...And many people without thick beards love them, as the comb helps to make the neck hairs stand up straight for cutting.

    Its my understanding that the Gillette Open Combs are like: Old Type-mildest...New Improved (1920's) a little more aggressive....The New (1930's) the most aggressive....and the TTO open-combs (1934 Aristocrat, 1937-39 Sheraton, 1938-39 Senator) seems everyone loves these guys, I've never heard a cross word....

    There are many other cats with more experience that can tell you more...but this is my basic under standing....But I think the thick beard requirement is a misunderstanding...Although I believe they are an asset to someone with a thick beard they can also be an asset for someone with normal growth....Hope this helps some...Check out some reviews...I've learned most of what I know about OC's from Chatting with GD, Jody and the cats and from reading reviews and posts....But I know I've got Gillette OC TTO Fever Bad....:)
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    Wow, I can see I've got a lot to learn.
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    Back when I shaved with Sensor, Mach 3, Fusion, I could only shave every 3 days, because of irritation and ingrown hairs.
    Since I started shaving with DE/SE/injectors, I can shave everyday without irritation.
    The Merkur slant leaves me with no need to shave for 2 days.
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    Cool....Learning is one of the most fun things about this hobby....Test driving razors and sharing reviews...
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    Yup to both of you! :)
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