First shave with my new Weber Razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by elderberry99, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. elderberry99

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    th_IMG_0743.jpg th_IMG_0741.jpg A week ago I purchased a new Weber DE razor. This Wednesday afternoon it arrived in the mail as scheduled. I was really anxious to try this out because I was going to pull the trigger on a Feather AS instead of this and decided the extra bucks saved would go for a couple of Dirty Birds.
    I had decided to skip the Wednesday morning shave (knowing the Weber was en-route) to give the new Weber a decent test of removing a little growth. I had used a spray cologne on myself Wednesday before going out to meet the wife for a nice lunch near her job. When I sprayed the cologne, the spray did not go where it was aimed at. It hit me under the jaw line and left side of my face. This caused a bad rash to break out preventing me from testing the new razor when I got home from the luncheon. I had to put off the test for another day. The rash stayed severe enough for another couple days preventing me from shaving.
    By this morning (Saturday) I could not take it any longer! I don't know which was worse. Not shaving for a few days or not being able to try the new Weber sitting on my shelf.
    I did my usual routine of shower, music and cup of coffee and soaked the Silver Tip in hot water while showering. Used the AOS cream and decided to face lather. I kept the brush in an Old Spice mug submersed in hot water just below the rim.
    The rash was looking at me in the mirror, but not as bad as yesterday and I had to know how the Weber was going to do. Loaded up the razor with an Astra blade that came with the Razor. Face lathered really good. Silver Tip was really working for me this morning as was the AOS cream. I worked in the lather until there was no skin or whiskers to be seen in the shave zone.
    First pass I can really hear the feed back from the stubble on my face, but never really felt the blade at all. First pass WTG and I almost felt as if I did not need to go any further. What a surprise. My DE89 that I love did not come this close to a one pass, especially after 4 days of growth.
    I lathered up now with the warm lather and did my second pass XTG. Very smooth to say the least. Again I wanted to stop there, but decided to do the usual routine of three passes and a touch up.
    The touch up was a waste of time as there was nothing to touch up at all.
    Finished up and did my usual rinse with warm water th_IMG_0741.jpg View attachment 24420 then cold water and a dab of 444 with the Pinaud Clubman.
    I may have said it before, but this time will top any other statement..This has got to be the finest, smoothest and closest shave I have ever had to date!
    The Weber has a little longer handle then I am used to, but I seemed to settle right in with it. I actually liked the slight addition to the handle to rest another finger on. The Knurling on the handle make for a super non slip grip no matter how much lather I got on my hands. The balance of the razor was very good in my hand.
    The handle is not a brightly polished handle as I thought it might be, but is still nice looking. The black head takes a little getting used to though when you are used to having a nice shiny polished DE89 passing you eyes during the shave.
    The blade fits very snug in the head. The blade edge spacing is perfectly even on both sides. The shave, well I don't think I can say enough to anyone to express just how good it is. You really have got to try this razor at least once and make up your own mind as to how you like it!
  2. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Excellent review and nice looking razor stand to boot!
  3. elderberry99

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    Thank you. It is called my "Razor Cradle". Wish i spent more time on it now. I will have to make a new one and spend a little more time on it too!
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    I have used the Weber for a week and it joins my favorites (Vintage Gillette New and New Improved, EJ 89, Fat Boy, Previous open comb Muehle 41, Merkur slant). The razor has great balance, the handle is easy to grip, the head very smooth. An outstanding stainless steel razor for under $60 delivered. Wow!
  5. Hanzo

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    Nice review. Michael Ham has blogged very positively about his Weber experience , so much so he said they were now temporarily sold out.
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  6. elderberry99

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    I am not saying that I would ever get rid of my Edwin Jagger DE89 with Bull Mastiff handle. That is another very fine shaver for my face. I guess I got lucky two times now with razors.
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  7. CyanideMetal

    CyanideMetal Wild and crazy guy

    I wouldn't either ;)
  8. lindyhopper66

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    I just got the DLC(black) head with bull mastiff handle yesterday and shaved with it this morning. BBS shave with minor under chin touchup. Very smooth passes. Very close first pass, so that I could have left it there. I also have the ARC (silver) razor with the longer lighter handle and it gives a great shave. My initial shave's first pass with the DLC was closer than with the ARC, but not much difference. I love both of my Webers. If they come up with another, I'll try that one as well.
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  9. OckhamsRazor

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    Thanks for the review. I've been very curious about these. Sounds like a great razor!
  10. alpla444

    alpla444 That's sweet!

    Nice razor, great review
  11. razorx

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    Seems to be typical for most Weber users.......Feels laid back but can't believe how efficient it is.
    Zap ! Whiskers are gone before ya know it.

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