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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by ChrisC1977, Jul 9, 2012.

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    I got the following soap at a craft show in my area. The owner is in my neighboring town and makes all kinds of handmade soaps with 100% natural products, essential oils, etc. Among her products was a Eucalyptus Cedarwood Shaving Soap. Here is a link to view the product.

    Ingredients: Saponified oils (Lard, coconut, olive, castor, sunflower) cocoa butter, evening primrose, eucalyptus essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, betonite clay.

    Pros: The soap is all natural, reasonable price, (4.00) and great quality. The scent is amazing. I would carry it around and smell it all day if I could. Here is a pic of the lather I got using a cheap (5.00 brush) which is the only brush I have at the moment. I got about twice the amount shown in the pic. I did a 20 second spin on the soap puck. The best I could get was a nice slippery foam. It did better when I massaged it on my face with my finger tips. Still not a great lather. Is this a trial and error thing or do some soaps just lather this way? Another benefit is that it left my feeling very soft and refreshed.

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    Try less water.
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    Judging by the size of the bubbles in the not so great pic, I would say try using a little more soap and a bit less water and work the lather a bit longer. Soaps containing Bentonite clay are harder to lather. You might find this thread helpful:
    TSD soaps contain bentonite clay as well.
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    Thanks! I also emailed the soap maker for a few tips. I am sure she will have some advice being it's her product.
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    Some excellent advice so far! Hope you can conquer the soap.

    As an aside;
    Lots of artisans make shaving soaps.
    Whether they actually know what wetshavers require from a shaving soap is another thing.
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    Thanks! I hope so. And if for whatever reason it does not work to what I need, it will still make a great bath bar. Awesome scent and great feeling on the skin!
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    Update: Trial two was much better! Here is what I did. Soaked my brush in hot water. Shook off excess and lathered the soap directly on the puck and not in a 2nd mug. I added about 2-3 drops (literally) of hot water after about a 30 second spin. The lather was creamy and slippery, but not a lot of volume. I face lathered this one and a nice thin layer (you could still see my face through the lather) then I squeezed the remainder out of the brush with my fingers and applied. I also scraped the bowl to get all the lather. The shave was nice and left a nice feeling and skin is very condition post rinsing. I would say that this is a great soap for everyday shavers as the amount of lather you get may not be enough for say a 4 day beard. But so far so good.
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    I just went and took my still damp brush and did a 15 second spin on the already damp puck for a 2nd pass. Great slip on the razor this time with a thin creamy lather. :) (feels face) ahhh! :)
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    Oh, I'd love to try something like that. Will check out my local markets.

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