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  1. Howdy, ya'll! I watched a video on YouTube about using the edge of your palm to strop a DE blade. Does anyone here do this and does it really make much of a difference in the shave or longevity of the blade?
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    That should cover everything. :D

    OK, ok, you want more info.
    Yes, some do handstrop their DE/SE blades.
    Some don't.
    I do it occasionally, but not habitually.
  3. chadstar

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    I Hand strop every time i use a new blade as i believe it gets rid of any burrs that the blade may have. I also strop the blade on my arm before each shave as i think it prolongs the life of the blade.
  4. travlnawlday

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    I just don't see the point in that when I only use a blade 3-4 times.
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    Yep. YMMV.

    and yep, I hand strop my SE blades. It extends their life. I don't bother anymore with DE blades since they're so cheap and plentiful.
  6. Etoyoc

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    I strop carbon blades. I don't strop stainless blades.

    I strop more often on SE than on DE. I think it makes more of a difference with those blades. However, that is my own perception of reality.
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    I don't 3 shaves and they get tossed
  8. Milady, that describes the entire hobby. :D :happy102

    Thanks for all the quick responses. I was just really curious about it. Seeing as how cheap blades are you could just put a new blade in rather than strop it everytime to stretch it one more shave.
  9. Etoyoc

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    If I am using a modern production blade - yes. They are cheap enough to replace. However, I have some blades that I like that I have a limited supply of that I can't replace easily. So, I milk them for all that I can.
  10. stingraysrock

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    I think that the stropping (and corking) along with a lot of other techniques (habits) start early in the journey of a new wet shaver.

    Depending on the threads you read, or the experiences that you have along the way, and the advice given (and received and applied) you will end up incorporating that action into your routine.

    For example:

    Corking & Stropping = I tried it after I got into wet shaving and found no significant difference in the shaves, so I don't routinely do it. Although, having said that, I DO have a block of Styrofoam in the den from way back when I tried the corking and stropping, even though I do not use it, I still keep it around.

    Dipping brush into tub of cream = I read somewhere that I should not do it, so I did not start.

    Scrubbing bubbles on new razor acquisition = did it, do it, will do it. The only reason why I do it is because I read that it was good to do.

    Track blade usage = I read that most people track how many times they use a blade, so I write down what blade is in what razor.

    Scuttle usage = I read that some people like it, some do not, so I tried it, liked it, and do it EVERY day unless I face lather (occasionally)

    Face lather = Read about it, tried it, bought a bunch of shave sticks, don't really like to face lather, but do it occasionally because I have a bunch of shave sticks.

    Anyway, you get the idea, and perhaps this is just a long dissertation on YMMV......but I stand by my opening statement that what you pick up in your early days and along the way is what you tend to stick with...

    For me anyway...YMMV...

  11. swarden43

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    I hand strop all my DE blades and SE blades before every shave.

    There are three schools of thought:
    1) I don't do it. Don't believe in it. Doesn't do a thing.
    2) I don't do it. Even if it works, blades are cheap enough that I don't have to nor want to.
    3) I do it. I believe it helps make for a smoother shave and lengthens the lifespan of the blade by a couple more shaves.

    I'm in the third camp. I figure if it works for straights, why not their smaller cousins?
  12. newb

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    ++++++++++1 :happy088
  13. puffulufogous

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    I feel like it helps, but I have a limited supply of blades. Like Jeff said, I started doing it because I read it helped. Maybe I am imagining things.
  14. wchnu

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    Fast answer... NOPE never do.
  15. RocketMan

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    Tried a number of different stropping methods. My final conclusion was - no thanks.
  16. wchnu

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  17. RocketMan

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    And many thanx to you for supplying carbon steel SE blades for me to meet my endless stropping needs!!

    (WCHNU very generously sent me carbon steel blades to try out. I had been telling him a bunch of times - because I knew better of course - that stropping with an ER strop handle would miraculously cure up a blade - as long as it was carbon steel. Well, the Fuzzy One (Wchnu) fired me up a pack since I can't find them here where I live. Of course I had made all these wonderous claims before even trying. :ashamed001 Well, I had to stop pontificating and fess up. It dunna work lads!!!!)

    thnx Fuzzmeister!!!
  18. newb

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    What about coated blades ? Would stropping breakdown the coating?
  19. RocketMan

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    Actually, it is the other way around.
  20. wchnu

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    No problem.... no problem at all..:cool:

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