How do you do wet shave travel?

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    I just used a Bic Metal disposable for the first time on a 1 day business trip. I can confirm that this is a great razor! I had no adjustment period whatsoever and found the angle easily. I typically use an R41 Weber Bulldog handle w Gillette Silver Blue. Of course this was going to be more mild but it was easy to use, smooth, and quite nice all around. Way better than a Mach 3, can still use your hard earned double edge techniques, and super cheap, I will be using these on short business trips from now on.

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    If I am on a longer trip, I will pack a DE or two using the razor head cover @Drygulch made. I will keep a blade in the razor, so I don't usually have to worry about disposal. On shorter trips where I try to carry on, I use a disposable. I always bring some sort of soap, often a shave stick and a synthetic brush.

    Does anyone know if you can carry on these razors:
    I had a nurse shave some arm hair for a drug screen recently, and she used one of these. It had me thinking about getting some for travel purposes.
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    My guess is it depends on if the blade is removable. That seems to be the deciding factor on whether you can carry on but just a guess

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    I very frequently go to Alabama and Kentucky, and am fortunate enough to always be staying either at my parent's house or with a dear friend. They each keep a small box for me in their guest room. In each place I've stashed some DE blades, Adidas Dynamic Pulse As and a can of Barbasol. All I need to bring is my Alum, styptic and an empty shavette in my checked bag.
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    Was it hot?

    Tell me more, but type slowly.....
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    ...And use purple lettering.
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    It was hot. We have had an unseasonably warm winter here in Texas, and the AC wasn't working quite right. There were also several other guys all in line for the same treatment, so the room got hot.

    Is that the hot you meant?
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  10. Marc Bagwell

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    Hi mr chick
    Let me ask, if I'm flying, can I take Blades if I check the bag? Also, how safe is my razor if I Check it, I keep hearing about rummaging bags, don't know how true it is. I'm just curious if I can take all my gear as long as I check the bag instead of taking it as a carry on
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    Yes, you can check blades in your bag. I've been flying for thirty five years and always check my bag. I've yet to lose anything.
  12. Marc Bagwell

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    Awesome! Thank you
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    If I'm flying within the US, I throw my straight razor in my checked luggage, or if I'm in a DE mood, I keep the razor in my carry-on, but keep the blades in my checked bag. I also keep shaving soap in a sealable can for traveling. Fortunately, my skin is not even remotely sensitive, so even though I have aftershave balms and stuff, I don't even bother to take them on the road.

    If I'm traveling overseas, I don't take straight razors. I'm worried about luggage pilfering and being accused of some kind of weapon crime. That may sound crazy, but the last time I went to South Africa I was accused of fraud and twice had to bribe my way through airports. The last thing I want is people like that pulling out a straight razor and making up some BS accusation.
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    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    Wow! South Africa has really gone downhill when you have to bribe people just to get through the airport.

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