Ikon B1 Standard and Tech

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    Some may remember my Ikon Standard Acquisition that didn't end well http://theshaveden.com/forums/threads/what-is-next.56193/#post-1260998. I also tried to get one on ebay and that attempt had an interesting ending.
    Well I finally got one. A nice dude on another forum was selling a B1 standard head. I figured since I have handles this would be a better deal. The head is in pristine condition; nicer than the one that I purchased new and had to return. If this guy had the box he could have told me this was an unused head.
    The point of this post is to compare this to the Ikon Tech. I've always felt that the Standard was almost like a stainless version of the aluminum Tech. There are some obvious differences. The Tech has posts on the cap that come through the plate like a Gillette Old, while the Standard has a slot in the plate like a New. I think the cap and plate fit together with a more seamless appearance on the Standard. And of course the look of the black coated B1 is nothing like the aluminum Tech. But what is similar is the way the blade looks. Check out the exposure. This should be aggressive. I will want to be on my game. RSCN1268[1].JPG DSCN1267[1].JPG DSCN1271[1].JPG

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