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    Howdy, ladies and gents,

    most of you may be aware of the "Moss Scuttle". Ansgar of has taken the concept a little further.
    He offers his scuttles in many shapes and variations, beginning at a very small one for the ones lathering on the face to just store the brush in up to the really big pots fit for whipping up insane amounts of lather.
    All his scuttles (and mugs) are available in three colour-variations: white, black and a mixture - the one I've got is the black/white version.
    Attached to the side of the scuttle is a small water-basin that not only allows you to quickly fill and empty it but should your lather get a bit too dry you can easily dip the tips of your brush in to fetch some more water.

    In general, Ansgar's scuttles are great products. They've got grooving at the bottom to allow for easier and quicker whipping of the lather. Once they're filled with hot water, the lather will stay warm for at least half an hour - more than enough time for even a 4-pass-shave.
    Yes, these things get quite heavy, but then again I don't hold it in my hands when I lather up, so that's no issue. Should you want to hold it in your hand, then you'll find the thumb-handle to be quite convenient as it allows you to securely hold the scuttle in your palm.

    All in all a hand-made product of the highest quality that much thought has been put into about the ease of use. Get one and you'll never have to endure cold lather again :cool:

    Here's two pics of my scuttle (version "S-Modell für größere Schaummengen") :



    Any discussion on the scuttle and the review should take place here, thank you!

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