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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by kernel, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. kernel

    kernel New Member

    Here's what I've found so far.
    Sally's Beauty Supply: Marvy Eterna shaving brush, Clubman Pinaud powder, hair gel and shaving cream and after shave, Master (?) Bay Rum after shave,

    Walgreens: vdH deluxe soap and blue handled brush.

    CVS: Williams shave soap and styptic pens, Alum stick in the form of Crystal Deodorant.

    Walmart: Williams shave soap and Van Der Hagen soap and kit of soap, bowl and brush. Alum stick in the form of Crystal Deodorant. Styptic pen

    Bath and Body Works: C.O. Bigelow (aka Proraso) shave cream (green)

    All our Natural Health Food stores and high end grocery stores (Fresh Market Grocery) carry Thayers Witch Hazel, four different flavors.

    Excalibur Knife Stores, usually in the.......ack!......mall :)sick007): Col Conk and Trumpers shave soaps, Col Conk shaving brushes ($25 and up, up, and away), Dovo straight razors, Bismarck Razor Strops, some Fromm strop and stone accesories, Mach III and Trac II razors, Merkur safety razors and blades. Our store also provides a straight razor sharpening service but they send it to the Portland store.

    This is what I've seen with my own eyes. If you were here, I could take you to buy any of this stuff.

    The search continues and I'm enjoying it.
  2. omegapd

    omegapd New Member

    Good for you...you're doing much better than me in this regard. I have CVS and Wal Mart. CVS for Williams and Wal Mart for VDH. Thank God for on-line ordering...
  3. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Pretty much the same thing in Washington, DC although most men in the city have bought in to that stupid iea of the cartridge razors and have forsaken the quality stuff we know and love as wet shaving. Get's me steemed. Although i do have rite aid which has some things.

  4. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    I dont live in USA but I would like to ask the prices of Merkur sfaty razors on the Excalibur Knife stores and models.Thanks a lot!
  5. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    If its the same Excalibur that I have seen, the prices are high.

  6. kernel

    kernel New Member

    As Etoyoc said, they are kinda high. I know that the low price Col Conk brush is $25 and a puck is $4.95 and the Bismarck strop is $49.95 in the store. Those are the things that I asked the attendant about. Those are the same prices that are posted online. Etoyoc's link is correct for the store that I refer to.
  7. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    yeah,theyre really HIGH,but at least you can buy them locally.Here I dont even have that option.
  8. Corey

    Corey Member

    If you have Indian or Asian supermarkets in the area, check those. Sometimes they carry a small sampling of shave products.
  9. Mr. Igg

    Mr. Igg New Member

    Good call! Rite Aid has The Real Shaving Company cream, which performs exponentially above it's price point.

    Also Whole Foods (if available) has Kiss My Face creams, along with some other stuff.
  10. TomPike

    TomPike Active Member

    You're in the PNW, yes? Nordstroms has some great stuff. Bath and Body Works carries C.O. Bigelow. Some cigar shops carry a variety of Merkur, Col. Conk and sometimes other goodies. Williams (the best cheap soap ever) is everywhere.
  11. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    None of the Rite Aids that I have seen have offered anything from the Real Shaving Company, but instead have offered van der hagen. But its true what has been said Washington, DC has some quality stuff.

    I can get: Proctor and Gamble's Gillette Series Cool Wave, Proctor and Gamble's Old Spice, Colgate-Pomolive's Skin Bracer (burn baby burn), Helen of Troy Brut, Williams, Van Der Hagen, Merkur blades, Merkur razors, Kiss My Face, CVS and Rite Aid brand blades, CVS brand single edge blades as well as a lot of useless nonlathering creams.

    Don't quite understand why people ever buy nonlathering creams, if they don't lather they are of no use.
  12. Windwalker

    Windwalker New Member

    I would add
    Walgreens for Gem Single Edge blades and Superior 70 bay rum (look for the Hispanic section)

    Winn Perry- TOBS, Musgo, Harris, soaps/creams, I seem to remember brushes as well, it has been a while since I visited and the website is having difficulties at the moment.

    There is also a barber shop, I think it is called the Roseway, over on Sandy Blvd, which I seem to remember carries Conk as well. I will do some checking it seem to me, there are a few that I am missing. :signs140

    I found it another thread, these are from Eagle, who has family in the area.

    French Quarter Linens--Musgo, Omega, Pre de Provence, L'Occitane
    The Perfume House--Trumper, Castle Forbes, Floris
    Winn Perry-- DR Harris, TOBS, Omega
    Roseway Barber--Osage and I think Pinaud
    Marios--Trumper Creams/Soaps, Santa Maria Novella/Crema da Barba, TOBS
    John Helmer's (next door to Marios??)--Truefit and Hill 1805 shaving cream and cologne
  13. maj3289

    maj3289 New Member

    Bed bath and Beyond shave section has everything CVS and Rite Aide has much cheaper. Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods have Weleda and kiss my face i herd, so gonna check that out tomorrow. peace
  14. CaptainDave

    CaptainDave New Member

    I found some items at bed bath and beyond
  15. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Oh, Captain Dave. The last time I was in Bed, Bath and beyond the only thing they had was cartridge and disposable razors. Perhaps yours are better than the ones here in DC. I wish that the DC ones were as good as the one's in Tampa.
  16. Sargon

    Sargon Well-Known Member

    Supporting Vendor
    In st louis... ( well st charles county anyhow)

    Walgreens: VDH deluxe soap, Walgreens branded us made Personna blades(pricey), and a few aftershaves

    Walmart: Van Der Hagen soap and kit of soap, bowl and brush. Walmart branded Personna blades, Nivea aftershave, Styptic pen

    Bath and Body Works: C.O. Bigelow (aka Proraso) shave cream (green)

    Schnucks: "top Care" brand us made Personna blades and williams mug soap. i think they have a few aftershaves.
  17. maj3289

    maj3289 New Member

    i'm in Falls Church, VA (seven corners area). haven't left my area for any of the stuff i have. my Rite aide carries The Real shaving comapany and VDH. the Bed Bath and Beyond here carries everything RA and CVS have except VDH, Williams and TRSC. not to mention all reg shave gear is much more cheaper at BBB. i say that because i pay 10 bucks for super stainless at CvS and RA, BBB has them for 7 dollars.found a smooth blast glass bottle in a ASIA market here in the neighborhood. a Euro market down by clarendon say they'll have Lavanda and Nivea shave cream in tubes tomorrow. got personna blades 2 blocks down the hill and around corner.
  18. Tango Yankee

    Tango Yankee Member

    Amen, Brother! :D

    Online is generally the first place I turn when I need anything. Heck, I recently purchased a toilet online! :happy102 Got in the habit when I was stationed in Germany and Guam in the mid-90s.

    I've not tried the various drug stores in my area yet-I keep forgetting to do so. Today when my wife and I took our granddaughters to the movies we had a bit of time to kill after lunch and before the movies so we stopped and checked out the Bath and Body Works where I'd purchased my C.O. Bigelow cream and balm. My wife had bought me a shave gel and face balm from another B&BW for Father's Day--today I gently explained to her what to look for when she's out and about and that an aerosol shave gel wouldn't be it.

    So my experience so far has been:

    B&BW for C.O. Bigelow products
    Wal-Mart for the VDH products and Personna razor blades.

  19. Philq

    Philq New Member

    In Chicago there is a store called Merz Apothecary, they have 2 locations one in Lincoln Square and one downtown in Macy's. They have just abouteverything. They also have an online store www.smallflower.com Happy Shaving and Shopping
  20. wayhow

    wayhow New Member

    Sally no longer carries Clubman shave cream. Apparently Clubman has a lousy marketing program. This stuff is very hard to find locally.

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