Merkur 38C

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Reviews' started by DErminator, Jul 10, 2010.

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    My first DE razor and still the best one I own. Altough I have Red Tip SS and Slant, I use 38C 80% of my shaves.

    Weight: Little heavier than regular DEs and I like it that way. Really no need for pressure, just direct it and weight will do all the work. 10

    Balance: I needed 4-5 shaves to find the right way to hold it. Long handle more suitable for those with bigger hands. 9

    Blade exposure: Not too aggressive. Enough forgiving for begginers and still enough aggressive for advanced users. 8

    Ease of use: Most user friendly of razors I own. With correct angle and right blade it glides over the face without any effort. 10

    Grip: Perfect. Nice barber pole engraving provides a firm grip even with wet hands. 10

    Price: Not the most economic on the market, but it is worth that money and must have for every wetshaver. 8

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