Old Spice Original Cologne--Use as Aftershave?

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  1. If I am going to wear Old Spice cologne for my scent can I skip a step (aftershave) and use the cologne? Bad for the face? Too powerful a smell for that much cologne. I like the cologne scent much better than the AS as it is a bit warmer and mellower.
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    It's your shave. Enjoy it your way.
  3. Neolithium

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    It's more common than you think!
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    The only difference between Old Spice aftershave and cologne is the amount of fragrance added to the bottle. Go for it!
  5. Thanks, guys. I will probably use T&H Ultimate ASB and then a little splash of cologne to close the deal. Nice to know about the Old Spice AS and Cologne being the same except for the concentration of fragrance. I have a lot of Shulton glass bottle cologne but I am on my last bottle of AS.

    BTW, those of you that wear OS Original--how does it rate with the late 20 to mid 30's ladies? Most women will tell you that you smell good but none really tell you that you're offensive. Tough conundrum.
  6. Neolithium

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    It's not common anymore, so I'd say its generally liked. I've had a few women sniff me when I've been at the pub with friends LOL.
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    How could anyone not dig Old Spice....They hit on a formula everyone likes.....There was that period when chicks dug it but it reminded them of their 'old man'......But those days are long gone....and if the chicks old enough to have a father who grew up using OS,,,,Then shes probably old enough to have forgotten what her Pop smelled like.....Its all good....:happy097:
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    Slather on the OS. I do though prefer the Vintage 60's OS over the new but truth is you can never have too much OS on. Now Brut that's another story..:)
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    One of my ex's forbade me to wear it, she said "you smell like my dad" and that was the end of that. She was in her mid 30's, but once you go a little bit younger, you hit that generation that was raised by folks who thought Old Spice was an old man smell and thus wore Polo Green or Canoe, so Old Spice has no other association beyond "You smell great. like the Old Spice guy, but you're not nearly as hot..."
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    I remember we gave an OS gift package to my grandfather. Sadly, later that year he had a major stroke and lost much of his memory, so we gave it to him again the next Christmas. He as was thrilled with it then as he was the year before. He hadn't opened it during that time. He died within the next year (1973). I felt bad about that for a long time as a kid, but now I look back at it differently. Nevertheless, my granddad like his Old Spice and Vitalis — funny, I use both of them now myself.

    When I was a sophomore in High School I remember dousing myself with the warm spicy fragrance and borrowing my grandmother's car to go visit a girl on whom I had a pretty good crush. It was Christmas time and I wore a white fisherman's knotted sweater (in Texas it was still a little warm for it but romantic). Spent a couple of hours talking and having a good time (all G rated). Then drove home only to find my step-mom had arrived home from work early. I was in hot trouble as I had neither permission to drive the car, nor a driver's license! Ah, yes. Old Spice.

    Use the Old Spice and make memories and associations for yourself.
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    I know this thread is inactive for a while, but I can't help myself :)
    I was looking for a new aftershave today , since my old stuff is running out, and I came upon old spice original. I remembered my uncle using it when I was a kid, and it smelled divine to me. So naturally i bought it :bounce015: still the same milky white glass bottle I loved, but no more of the sailboat logo :(
    But it still smells nice especially after some time when it mellows out a bit .

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