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    A few days ago the torch passed through our village, it was a nice thing to share with our kids I also took a photo to share with everyone. The only thing I don't agree with is that the people have been and are still doing so selling the torches for a profit. I find the shameful fact that the people chosen to run with torch had all done something be for charity or some good turn for someone else, but this still goes to show that in some greed is still more powerful.
    A man a our daughters school was chosen to run with the flame because after the death of his 6 year old son to cancer he started fundraising and is still doing so for the local hospice, and when he was asked what he was going to do with torch after he said keep it. As if it was not for his sons passing he would have never been given the chance to take part so how could he sell something like that.
    What do you think am I just being sentimental for no reason? photo.JPG
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    So great that you got to see this. I was a member of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics Torch Relay Team and was invited to carry the flame as it made its way into Washington DC:

    2001-12-21 07.12.37.jpg

    We traveled through 46 states—nearly 20,000 miles—and it was a beautiful experience I'll never forget. Buying and selling torches was a major issue during the relay. I was approached on a number of occasions in various cities by guys interested in buying a torch. Several times, I was offered over $2000 cash on the spot if I'd give them one. This would have been fairly easy to do, as some torchbearers didn't want to purchase the torch they carried and we had a few extras each day (which were later to be donated to charities and other organizations). My driver estimated that we could have made over $100,000 over the course of 2 months. But we both agreed that this was preposterous and turned them all down.

    Whenever something beautiful is offered to the world, there's someone who will try to exploit it and use it for monetary gain or for power over others. On a brighter note, though, good always outshines evil. Always. I am still touched by memories of urban gang-members in Miami removing their hats and waving as the Olympic flame went by, of good, teary-eyed men and women who were humbled by the cheers they received after literally countless hours in quiet, behind-the-scenes service. If we could always come together in peace and love, what a happy people we would be.
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    Do you still have your torch? what a humbling experience and how lucky are you
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    Heh, I probably watched Steve carry it through "little Mexico" or Woodburn as we call it around here. The whole town turned out to watch the torch pass. 30,000 people in a small city doesn't seem like much until all of them line a single road.
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    Yes, I still have mine. And yes, very humbling—I met so many men and women who had done so much good for the world around them. I assure everyone I meet that if we were able to find and recognize 11,000 people for such amazing deeds, think of how many more people go under the radar and quietly do good things without anyone knowing about it. For every individual that is nominated, there are 100 that are equally-deserving but are not. In short, there are far more worthy torchbearers in this world than torches to give them. That makes me glad and hopeful.

    I still remember stopping in the general store in Likely, CA: population around 40 people back then (I think it's increased to over 60 now) as we made our way up toward Oregon. We talked and laughed together and had a grand time. I'll never stop enjoying visits to places where community matters. Any time you can find a place where people enjoy coming together for good things, you've found something special.
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    Due to time differences, Olympic events often take place before we get to see them. I'm debating whether or not to read the news over the next couple of weeks for fear of spoiling the outcomes of some of the events before I get to see them! [​IMG]
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    I can always post time delay events:) still can believe you ran with the torch........oh my gosh
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    That is pretty cool isn't it?
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    It was a memorable experience and, I feel, completely undeserved. I really wish everyone could have the chance to do that once just to rub shoulders with other good, inspiring people from every region, race, and background. Seeing the whole country in a relatively short amount of time really gave me some perspective. If I had the finances to do so, I'd love to do something like that again—maybe grab a Shave Den directory and go visit each of you and talk with you face to face wherever you're at in whatever state or country. We'd have a grand time, eh?

    But let's talk some Olympics! Rather than hijacking this thread to discuss the events coming up, I'll go ahead and start a London 2012 Olympics thread over in the sports section.

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