Open comb vs closed comb. What do you prefer and why?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by DaveL, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. DaveL

    DaveL Active Member

    I've come to prefer closed comb, especially the EJ DE89. I rarely nick my face with this razor but the open combs usually will draw a little blood.

    Both open combs are Muhles, an R101 and R41 with the older style head.
  2. otherstar

    otherstar Rodney Dangerfield of TSD

    I prefer the closed comb as well. I've only used a Gillette Old Style, but I didn't care for it (as a matter of fact, it will be going in the Grab Bag when I get it, so I'm passing it on).
  3. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    I tried a Gillette New, and man what a monster. For me when it comes to DE's, the EJ89L with a Voskhod blade is as good as it gets.
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  4. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    My daily drivers are Open Comb Razors (OCMM and Old Type) so I guess I prefer them.

    I also have safety bar razors, but they seem to sit longer between uses then the OC ones.
  5. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    I like both well. It just depends on my mood for the day. I just finished a month of OC razor use and am looking forward to the bar razors for a change. But I will be back soon.
  6. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    I like both... however for me I like a OC for more growth. :). Seems to tug less if longer hair or what not.
  7. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    I like both too. I concur with Williams Warrior above that the EJ with a Voskhod seems the perfect combo. OC-wise, I have been growing ever fonder of my Gillette New, and just acquired a Gem OCMM, so I am trending into OC teritority.
  8. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    I prefer open comb and closed comb razors but don't really care for solid bar guard razors for some reason. I can get a good shave with a long handle black Gillette adjustable and its solid bar guard but that's about the only solid bar guard razor I've been able to get a good shave out of.
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  9. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Makes no difference to me. I just rotate 'em around; whatever come up next is what I use.
  10. Moe

    Moe Active Member

    First off, loving the (what I believe to be a) Beagle Avatar.

    I really like the look of open comb, but seem to consistantly get my best shaves from closed comb razors. When traveling I feel i can shave faster be more lax with my technique using closed comb as well.
  11. Oldguy

    Oldguy Member

    Over the course of a year I might use a SE Gem or a Valet or maybe a Schick . But on a day to day basis I only use a Gillette vintage razor. Nine out of ten shaves I'll use an open comb, an Old Type or a New. The reason is I get a very smooth shave, especially with a two days or more beard. I only shave with two passes and I find the oc does a better job. Last night I dipped into my collection and used a 100 year old Single Ring. It was heaven, a great shave. Maybe my skin is a little tougher then the young guys but regardless of what razor I use I never get weepers or irritation.

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  12. SharpSpine

    SharpSpine Well-Known Member

    I prefer the open combs. I read somewhere that even King Gillette preferred the open comb design and said his reason was because it leaves the lather on the face and hair all the way up until the blade cuts the hair. With a closed comb, the bar will push the lather away slightly before the blade cuts the hair. I have no idea how accurate that information is or not so perhaps someone with better knowledge can comment. However, this seems logical to me. With my thick shafted stubble, I get a cleaner shave with less irritation from an open comb. Whatever the actual reason is, I prefer the feel and the results of an open comb shave.
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  13. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Some folks say the 2011 Muhle R-41 is not a true open comb, and they may be right. Prior to the R-41, I pretty much stayed with guard bar razors because I did not like the teeth marks left in my lather. Then I was told if I was seeing those teeth marks, I had an improper angle, so I changed the angle up a bit and the shaves improved.

    Overall, I am not a fan of traditional open combs.

    The 2011 R-41 is sort of a hybrid I guess. It is currently the only razor I consistantly reach for, open comb or not.
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  14. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    We'll have to work on that problem of yours only wanting to use 1 razor.;)
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  15. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Well, I love my Gillette Slim, Schick Krona, Gillette Rocket (Closed Comb) and I love my 1907 English Gillette, 1938 Sheraton and Senator (Open Comb) so I am enamored with both types!

    RABIDMONKEY Active Member

    open combs , ej89 also with a voskhod lover
  17. ThePossum

    ThePossum Member

    I seem to get a better shave with the OC SEs. But also love the feel of the OC on my face better than the safety bar DEs. Get great shaves with either style. But my real favorites are my SE Lathercatchers, some OC some with a type of safety bar.
  18. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    My razor of choice now is the EJ/Muhle DE86/87 but I also enjoy my Merkur 1904 Classic OC. I learned to shave 50-years ago on an old Gillette brass open comb that would have described the word butchery to a tee.
  19. Smoothy

    Smoothy Well-Known Member

    Having gone through quite a few razors (mostly closed comb with the exception of 1 iKon) since I've got started on DEs, I've had of course some which I enjoyed more then others. My favourites up to now were the Pils and the Mühle R89 (therefore also EJ of course..)

    Have started using OC’s more actively a couple of weeks back with a Merkur 11C and the Mühle R41 (Mark I or: the 2009/10 model) and I absolutely love the OC!

    Preferring the handle and weight distribution of the 11C, I have sold the R41 to make way for a long comb NEW, with a restored head and a brand spanking new Bull Mastiff handle by BRW. Can’t wait for it to get here…

    So, if you ask me today: I prefer OC over CC, depending on which (the new, 2011 R41 is not a candidate for me..) for their smooth thoroughness. I just love them!
  20. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    I think its great Jeff has found love at the other end of a sharp blade...:)

    I'm only reaching for my Schick Injector these days so I guess thats a vote for solid bar...

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