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    Do you want to be one of the cool kids? You too can start your morning being the coolest kid... I MEAN COOLEST. I have up for this fabulous PIForama, a full size tub of Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill shave soap... and behind door number two, a bottle of Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill aftershave splash. Both will go to one lucky winner. I live in Southern Florida and even in the doldrums of summer, this combo will ice you down into cubes of menthol. Both have been used 3 times.

    Here is how you can qualify for this PIF.
    1. State "I'm in".
    2. Must be shipped CONUS.
    3. Since I am in South Florida and see all of the crazy stuff here that doesn't make the national news. Please post your favorite CRAZY Florida story not ripped from the headlines. Either one of your stories or one that you heard, but the crazier the better. Winner will be selected at random on Sunday May 21.
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    2 @SRNewb
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    21. @Mr. Shaverman
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    23. @Sara-s
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    Totally in, as I'd love to try these out. As a fellow South Florida resident (5th generation native), I have to admit that in recent years, we seem to be a bit of a magnet for crazy. Like you, I don't have an outsiders perspective, so my story is a bit lacking, but I'm looking forward to other's responses. My latest story is from last weekend. I live a block from the intercoastal in an area where you can look across the lagoon and see Mar A Lago about a mile or two away across the water. A few blocks from me there is a small public park on the water where my kids play on the swings and hang out with their friends. Apparently groups of protesters have now decided that even when Trump is out of town this is a perfect spot to stage protests as it is marginally within the sight line of the back lawn at Mar A Lago. (Pretty sure Trump doesn't have anyone stationed on the black lawn with a telescope taking notes on the nasty things written on protest signs, but who knows.) Anyway, last weekend a "save the earth" group showed up to protest. They parked all over our neighborhood, parking on people's grass and breaking their sprinklers, peeing in neighbors hedges to the point that it has caused some plants to die, and leaving more trash strewn throughout the park and the neighborhood (including people's yards) than you can possibly imagine. My 6 and 8 year old girls had to organize an effort to clean up some of the trash just to help things get back to normal. The media, of course, ran stories calling them "environmentalists", but not sure there was much thought to the environment or "saving the earth" really going on amongst these folks based on what I saw. Again, "magnet for crazy", brother!
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  4. bscarpenter

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    It's a news story, yes. But I thought you meant something that was widely distributed. If you mean we can't share anything that was ever reported.....I got some crazy stuff from my time in Florida, but most is not for public consumption. But let me think a bit, and I'll get back to you.
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  6. david of central florida

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  7. bscarpenter

    bscarpenter Well-Known Member

    The rules are not that strict, you are in. I just want everyone to enjoy some of the real Florida experience.
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    That's a nice PIF. But, I'm tuning in just for the stories.

    NOT IN for the PIF.
  9. PLAla

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    I'm in! I have a sample of the Lemon Chill and LOVE it!

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Seaside, Florida. This story isn't crazy by any means, but it was quite frustrating at the time. We had a dinner reservation at Segar's in Sandestin and had booked a limo to pick us up in Seaside, take us to the restaurant, then bring us back. Well, we went out and waited for the limo for quite some time and he never showed. We called the company and they reported that the driver was lost. We waited as long as we could before needing to leave to make the reservation. So we drove ourselves there. However, on the way, we passed a sleek limo at a gas station. We pulled in and asked if he was going to pick up a couple in Seaside. He confirmed that he was looking for us. We decided to just keep going ourselves because he wasn't still actively looking for us but was just sitting at the gas station. In the end, the company went ahead and charged our credit card and put up a huge fight that we still owed even though their driver was lost and ended up sitting in a gas station lot. Ridiculous. We finally got the charges removed. Segar's laughed at our choice of limo company and said next time to use the ones they preferred. Oh well - lesson learned! It doesn't taint our memories of Seaside however. Such a beautiful place.
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    In the spirit of your comment above, I'll share this. I used to hang around with a guy named Dan. Several months after we started hanging together, I mentioned him to someone else. The guy said, "Oh, you mean Dan the Man?"
    I asked why he was called Dan the Man. The response was that he did a stint in federal prison on drug charges, and now everywhere Dan went, "the man" wasn't far behind.
    Digging a bit deeper, it was revealed that Dan had been a big time dealer. He got caught because he was filthy rich, but had no observable means of income, did not pay taxes, etc.
    To top it off, one of the stories told was that he had a habit of standing in the middle of his swimming pool (quite high, I would imagine) at two or three a.m. in a very affluent neighborhood, with a Les Paul strapped around his shoulders and a cable running to a fat Marshall stack sitting poolside, cranked.
    I knew he was crazy, but I did not know how crazy.
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    I'm in. I don't know if this qualifies, but it is about the state bird of Florida. I am told it is the palmetto bug, or as we call it the flying cockroach. Evidently, these critters can cause one to lose control of certain bodily functions. Our exterminator told us of a house in South Florida that was covered with them. I don't know how true that is, but if it is true, I think I would leave South Florida post haste.
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    Not in, but really nice PIF.

    Hey, I'm on vacation in Lauderdale right now, how about I just stop by and pick it up? LOL :)

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    This is an incredible PIF with a great prize! I am not in, however. Best of luck!
  14. bscarpenter

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    I'm about 15mi north of you buddy. Enjoy our beaches and bikinis. Hang out on Fort Lauderdale beach long enough, you'll have some stories. One funny one of mine is that we met a vendor at a convention in South Beach. The vendor is from South Carolina and the owner of the company is a real good old boy. He stated his surprise at seeing a "man wearing a speedo and a batman outfit roller blading". Later that evening after dinner and a few drinks, some of us were talking about diving and spear fishing. Someone said "I like to use a Hawaiian sling" and the good old boy said "well, I do think that the bat man feller was wearin one of them Hawaiian slings".
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    Is that like the Hawaiian "good luck" sign. (old joke)

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    PIF or no PIF I am loving this thread, @bscarpenter! Being local to you, if you ever want to swap out something locally or check out a soap, razor, or something out that I own before ordering, feel free to give me a shout. Who knows we could eventually swap something out over a beer or a fishing boat at some point. Cheers!
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    I've always been one of the coolest, but not in. I will enjoy hearing the stories though.

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    I'm in! Stirling soap is on my wish list. I had a sample of stirling spice and loved it.

    The birth place of NASCAR was on the sands of Daytona. They actually use to have races right on the beach.
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    I'm in the shave soap and AS sound great. Would love to TRY.

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