PIF's sent outside the U.S.A.

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  1. Douglas Carey

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    If you are sending a PIF outside the U.S. A. send it USPS. If you send it FedEx or UPS there will be custom and duty and taxes charged. It can amount to quit a lot.
    If you receive a PIF and want to send a Amazon gift card make sure you go to the country the person lives in and use the Amazon from that country. IE. https//www.amazon.ca for Canada, https://www.amazon.co.uk/ for the UK. Again sent the PIF through the postal service of the country of origin.

    This will save the person receiving the PIF or gift a far amount of money.
  2. Keithmax

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    Great advice, in Korea FedEx, DHL and UPS are terrible it always gets delayed in customs and they take forever to deliver. In korea the postal system is excellent, it sails through customs in a day and I never have to pay customs for shave gear and delivered the next day. If the package has my phone number I get a text telling me they will deliver package and another to tell me it was delivered.
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    I have a friend that lives in Montreal, Quebec Canada. I sent her an item, she sent me a check from her Canadian Bank. I deposited it in my Wells Fargo account, what a CF it turned out to be. She ended up sending me a postal money order. I took it to the USPS to cash it.
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    Good to know in case I send you something.

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