Possible to light a match with face stubble?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by skyfox12, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. skyfox12

    skyfox12 Active Member

    I've actually tried this before but to no avail. I'm wondering if its possible to do if one has a course enough beard and catches it right in the stage where it feels like sandpaper and before it gets longer and starts to soften. This question is one of many I have pondered in life. Of course some may say my switch is half off.:whacky011: Has anyone ever tried this or heard or have seen someone doing this. I'd love to know just out of curiosity.
  2. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Never heard of anyone doing it.
  3. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    Only in the movies. They would have to have one tough, and dense beard to even have a shot at it.
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  4. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Forget it!
  5. NoobShaver

    NoobShaver BGDAAA

    Possible? Maybe. But wouldn't you burn yourself if successful?

    I'd leave it to the Mythbusters to try out.
  6. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    I've never seen that successfully done, even with strike anywhere matches and guys with a beard that could strip paint off a car door. Bottom teeth though, that's pretty easy.
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  7. Star

    Star Active Member

    I'm going to take a leap and say it is impossible without somehow "rigging the stage."
  8. feeltheburn

    feeltheburn Well-Known Member

    I was bored at Boy Scout camp once and figured out how to do it with my thumbnail. I think I saw that in a Clint Eastwood movie or something. But then I got some of the tip stuck under my fingernail as it lit so I didn't do that anymore.

    As for striking it on a beard, I'm going to guess "maybe" but I don't want to burn my face so I'm not going to try to figure out if it can be done :)
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  9. ksb63

    ksb63 Active Member

    Jeans work if you can't create enough friction up the back of the thigh, zipper always works at least with strike anywheres.
  10. blanka

    blanka I will not eat my shaving products. Promise.

    Chuck Norris is tough enough to do it!
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  11. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Forget it ??.....I don't know....Lets ask your Mom....You told us she experienced the wrath of your 3 or 4 day growth once....lol...., she might think it is possible.....:happy102:
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  12. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    :eek: :happy097::happy096:
    ME TOO!!!! When I was touring with bands, I was so bored most the time, I used to light my cigs with my thumb nail and kitchen matches...and sometimes they would break off and stuck to my thumb.....:happy102:...and I would light a book match with my thumb aswell by folding it over and clicking my fingers with the match head under my thumb....Bar chicks and other idiots really liked it....:happy097:....But a kitchen match on whiskers....never thought to try it....or I did and I demured ....
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  13. NoobShaver

    NoobShaver BGDAAA

    but is the match tough enough for Chuck?

    oooh.... he went there, yes he did! :)
  14. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

  15. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot Staff Member

    Yep. That.
  16. stonyloam

    stonyloam Well-Known Member

    Not with today's strike anywhere matches. They are way less sensitive then the ones we had when I was a kid, can't even light them with your thumb any more, and yeah it did hurt when that little piece broke off and got stuck under the nail LOL. The one hand book match light was pretty cool too, unless the head stuck to your skin or the whole pack went up. I think that is why they moved the strike strip to the back of the book.

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