Prototype Razor Case - DIY project

Discussion in 'Special Projects' started by GDCarrington, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. hdflame

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    I have a little upholstery business on the side and just threw away a bunch of foam. What you need for gluing foam is contact cement. I use it in commercial containers, but you can use 3M 77 in the spray can from Walmart. Lightly spray both sides, then stick it together. It'll hold with no problems. You could also use Styrofoam, it may be better than foam rubber?? The glue will work on either. With the styrofoam, it can be shaped pretty easy and may give more support. Good luck!

    If you want me to save you some foam, I can, but I bet you could get all you want from a local upholstery shop.
  2. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Excellent suggestion. I actually have some upholsterer foam. When I try this again, I think I will go get some 3M 77 and try this. Thanks!
  3. johnus

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    Your ideas look like they would be great for repairing '04 and after Gillette cases!! Good thinking.
  4. Sara-s

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    You could use a clay like Sculpey, which is hardened by baking it in your oven, at a relatively low temperature. You can get this at a craft store.
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  5. Azarius

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    Excellent idea and another great post Gary. I can see why you are part of the Article Team.

    I really like the Moly Resin heads on the Sabi Handle. I have been "preaching" how nice the weight and heft of those new handles from his Tawainese supplier are for some time now.

    It s too bad that they are currently unavailable. The last time I talked to Joe he had communicated that he was getting in only 25 each of he T1's and T2's. That was almost 3 months ago, and no additional emails responses or anything up on his website.

    I was thinking of doing a similar muti-razor case with a wooden box I have from Croatia and using triple expanding foam, then a dremel to carve out and smooth the areas down before applying the velvet.

    Thanks again for such a nice write up with pictures.
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  6. hdflame

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    Just a suggestion, but why not put the expanding foam in the case, cover it with a piece of Saran or Plastic Wrap, then depress your razor down into the foam. After it dries, you can trim away any extra foam. That way you get your foam actually molded to your razor and have less work with the Dremel.

    I think the expanding foam could be a good alternative.
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  7. coche1

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    Depending on the specific brand/type of expanding foam, you'd probably want to wrap the razor in a light/thin cloth or something prior to pressing it into the saran wrap to allow room for the felt. Otherwise, once you cover the foam with the felt it might bee too tight for the razor to fit into (assuming the foam sets up hard. I believe there are some expanding foams that remain somewhat soft).

    This is a great idea though, and depending on the length of the razor you might even be able to leave enough room at one end for a 5 or 10-pack of blades in the case too!
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  8. Bird Lives

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    This is a great thread....I know I have experimented with Cell phone holsters....and Cigarette Cases....for a Safety Razor Case...
    Great job Gary....
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  9. PadreTex

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    My brother was telling me about a great technique for formed shells. Buy an rubberized exercise/sleeping mat from Walmart and cut it to rough size. Place the objects you want to form it for on a baking sheet and then place the foam over it. Bake it at abt. 300 deg. F. When it cools it will perfectly keep the shape you've given it. Then you can glue the velvet to the foam base, and trim to the case.
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  10. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

    Article Team
    I know it's not as high tech as some of the options thrown out here, but have you considered using Balsa Wood? That's what we used for these type of DIY projects when I was a kid.
  11. fishcrow

    fishcrow Birdman of TSD

    Gary, great idea and excellent work.:signs107:
  12. Peter Cupitt

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    I LOVE IT. I'm going to try to do one too, THAT is how much I love it. Well Done GDCarrington :signs107:
    There can be no higher compliment than to be copied by others!!
  13. Sontag

    Sontag Well-Known Member

    Peter, you just saved me some typing.

    My thoughts, exactly.

    Very impressive work, GDCarrington.
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  14. boxerman

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    Way cool razor case.:happy096:
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  15. Ceferguson

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    Very good idea, nice job
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