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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Tiredricefarmer, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Just finished my 3rd shave with my new Satin Hawk loaded with a Feather Pro and I'll have to say this razor is a beast. I have fairly thick, super coarse stubble and today this thing performed. The first pass for the most part with a super light touch is not all that impressive. It's when you do the second pass across the grain with the stubble knocked down that this razor shines. All I had left was a little touch up. No irritation or hot spots on my face. DFS!......DFS! I think the key to this razor may be to prep your face and soap like you would for straight razor shaving, a little thinner, and slicker. Not sure how long I can push the blade but I'm hoping for at least 2 more shaves from it. I think I may have to put it above my RR 37 Slant and I love my 37. It's super light and that took some adjustment but by this third shave it didn't matter, I just picked it up and went to work. I'm gonna say this razor is a keeper!

    Thanks to blashe for telling me about this razor!
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    Hey brah its the least I can do help you dent your bank account lol, btw I knew you were looking forward to the SS DLC Hawk and at that time it wasn't available, well now its in stock and it has been in stock for quite the few hours because Joe has brought in large numbers in stock. If it was the NON DLC version I would of grabbed one just because I like the DLC so much.

    Regarding the blades, the Feather PRO lasted me about 10 shaves and I could of push 5-7 shaves more but uncomfortable shaves, I also noticed the Feather blades like to rust if you leave them wet, overall good blades. Now I'm on to the Kai Pinks and also a nice and sharp blade maybe tad less sharp than the Feathers but much smoother, they seem to fade much slower than the Feathers longevity wise but not 100% sure because I'm yet to get to my 10th shave, same as the feathers they like to rust if left wet..... This never happened with any of my SS DE blades nor with my Personna GEM and Injector PTFE blades which are my favorite SE blades. I also got curious about the Schick Proline P-30 blades and ordered 3 packs of them which equals 90 blades for $33 shipped from Rakuten Japan, will see how these fair against the Feathers and Kais, also I wonder if they would rust too....
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    I'm very happy with the set up I have so won't be looking for an SS Hawk anytime soon. Haven't noticed any rust yet. I almost always remove the blade, pat dry, and wipe dry my razors after shaving so hopefully rust won't be an issue. I'll be shaving with this same blade everyday to see how many shaves I can get from it. I am interested in hearing from you about the different blades you are trying and how they stack up against the Feather Pros. Always looking for something better, lol.
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