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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by idtsd, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Lots of guys like the canned stuff. Using a brush is not that time consuming or messy though once you get the hang of it. When you do get it you will never want to see a can of goop again.....probably.
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    No, Sir. If you like your lather from a can no one around here will tell you to quit. There's a thread around here somewhere of folks who call themselves The Barbasol Brotherhood. I have a can of Arctic Chill that happens occasionally.
    You can ease into a traditional wet shave a step at a time. Lots of variation, too. That may be what draws you into this thing that becomes an Acquisition Disorder (AD). Very few products available on store shelves but if you look there are inexpensive brushes in Boar, Badger, Horse, and Synthetic bristles. Soaps & Creams are becoming available, and you already own a coffee mug or a bowl. Don't even need a container to make lather. It can be whipped either directly on you face, or in your hand.
    Here's a suggestion - visit The 30 Day Rule/Focus group. It's a bunch of folks working on getting the best shaves from their gear. It's an on going conversation where we try new things, offer advice, and have a good time. No pressure, join any time, wander off if it doesn't suit you. (Click the link in my signature below);)
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    I thought we were hunting people down who wandered off......
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    Yes, but we give them a sporting chance first. We only send for Mad Dog the Rabid Bounty Hunter and his Werewolf Posse if they don't return voluntarily...
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    Well now...... That's nice of us then.
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    Aww, Y'all gonna scare him off before I bag my limit get him to visit.
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    Definitely give the 30 Day Crew a look. Not only advice, but pictures of some great looking gear!
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    Btw, @idtsd, if you want to try a Gillette Tech and have trouble finding one, I have a spare. I think it is a late model ballend Tech - bright brass with the Gillette logo frosted on the cap.

    PM me your address and I'll PIF it to you along with a few spare tucks of blades. You just have to promise to come over to the 30 Day Crew and give it a try there. ;)
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    Honestly, I think k your best move would be to head over to and purchase the starter shaving kit. It has soaps, Aftershaves, a brush, a razor, and everything you need for cheap..
    And it is ALL high quality
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    That'll git 'er done!!
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    You don't have to get rid of the canned gel/foam. I would actually suggest keeping it until you get your
    You don't have to get rid of the canned gel/foam. I would actually suggest keeping it until you get your technique down with the razor before switching so you're only changing 1 variable at a time. I use the canned stuff once or twice a week if I don't have time to build a lather. I apply it with a synthetic brush though. I just wet the tips and apply the gel right to the brush.
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    I'm new to this forum, welcome aboard. My 2 cents worth, slow down, take your time, it took me a while to figure our 'riding the cap', but, for me the first amateur shave with a DE razor was miles ahead of what I was getting with cartridges. It may take you 20-30 minutes for a 3-pass shave, including using a brush to lather your face. That was the step that I rushed through with a cartride razor. Don't rush it until you learn the correct technique. Hope your shaves are close!
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    If you like vintage and want a mild razor, look for the Gillette Star series. It was marketed for women, but A)razors don't have a sex and B)Plenty of men use it too. My husband loves it.

    As for the can vs. brush debate, it the canned stuff works for you, maybe you don't want to change it while you are learning. But sometime, I do recommend that you try soap & a brush. It's not as messy or time-consuming as you think and it is a delightful feeling on your skin.
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    Weishi FTW! The blade exposure, as i read, is exactly the one of the Gilette Tech.
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    Keep it simple and pick up a Super Speed or a Tech.
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    Id recommend a Merkur 34C or 23C. If youre new and used to a longer handle, you may like the long handle of the 23C. Thats actually the razor that I started out with and its a great shaver.
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    Once you get used to it, its actually not messy of time consuming at all. You can still use your canned goo if you want but its actually got a lot of chemicals in it that actually arent good for your skin or for the environment.
    I can mix up lather and lather my face with a brush in about 45 seconds.

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