Soap Pass-around Volume II - 2017

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  1. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    It's that time again!

    Shaving Soap Pass-Around for CONUS TSD members.

    This pass-around box will contain shaving soaps and creams. A LITTLE DIFFERENT THIS TIME: some soaps will be for trading in and out and others will stay in the box through the whole pass.

    The specifics:
    • CONUS members only
    • Only shaving soaps and creams are in this pass-around
    • I will initiate a box of a few shaving soaps that aren't getting much use in my den
    • The next person in line will receive the box and try any soap they like
    • You will agree to keep the soap box for no more than a week
    • If you enjoy one or more of the soaps you may KEEP it as long as you REPLACE that soap
    • That means if a soap puck has 75% remaining then you will replace with another soap that has 75% or more remaining
    • Please consider contributing soaps of excellent quality and ones you enjoy or would recommend
    • You don't have to keep any soaps; you may use them and then send on the same inventory if you wish
    • Let's avoid the addition of common soaps widely available (Williams, VDH, etc.). Those are great soaps but most of us can get those easily
    • Shipping will be done by USPS Priority Mail with tracking.
    • Please take care in the packing of the materials
    • Please communicate the tracking number to the next recipient
    • I will help coordinate the flow of the pass-around
    • Please post a picture in this thread of the contents of the box upon arrival
    • Please post any SOTD pictures, reviews of soaps, reactions, etc. in this thread, as well as other threads that you might normally use
    • If you decide to keep a soap please post a picture of your takes
    • Then post a picture of your replacements
    I am using the term "soap" here but this can include shave cream as well. Let's use brushable creams and not brushless.

    NEW FOR THIS PASS-AROUND!! I am very excited to announce that several of the soap vendors on TSD have generously donated samples of their products for members to try!

    Thank you to Rod at Stirling (@ezlovan), Kathleen at Route 66 (@Salty Belle), Karl at Crowne and Crane (@Crowne & Crane), Bryon at Jeeves of Hudson Street (@Jeeves of Hudson Street), and Irena at Ginger's Garden (@soapbuddy). They all generously donated samples or full tubs to let members try. THESE ITEMS ARE TO STAY IN THE BOX FOR THE WHOLE PASS-AROUND! I appreciate their willingness to donate products for everyone to try!

    Other soap samples can be added to the box but please not in place of a larger tub.

    Respect and communication are key! Respect for the process, the products, and your fellow members as well as a good flow of communication upon receipt of the box, your gives and takes, and between members for good flow.

    Again, this is limited to shaving soaps and creams. A hardware pass-around is a great idea and could be initiated by another member.

    If you are interested - Please post your interest in this thread. Then PM with your name, address, phone number, and email address.

    Happy shaving and I look forward to trying out this endeavor!



    1. Straight razor dandy (enjoyed the box)
    2. Kenneth Sampson (enjoyed the box)
    3. stingraysrock (enjoyed the box)
    4. dustmite (enjoyed the box)
    5. RyX (enjoyed the box)
    6. IDuck (enjoyed the box)
    7. fishcrow (enjoyed the box)
    8. banks741938 (enjoyed the box)
    9. ob1page (enjoyed the box)
    10. hvacguy85 (enjoyed the box)
    11. Fly2High (enjoyed the box)
    12. wildcatsfan10 (enjoyed the box)
    13. BaylorGator (enjoyed the box)
    14. RSHWETSHAVE (enjoyed the box)
    15. Stu929 (awaiting the box)
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  2. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    I am waiting on some soaps to arrive that were delivered by a generous member. I'll put the box together early this week.

    Shipment to the first participant will most likely be Wednesday of this week!!
  3. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Very pleased that you have taken up @fishcrow 's task. Hoping for Great Success! The cost of shipping may hold me back, but the chance to try top quality Vendors products & trade with members is part of what makes TSD my favorite and only shave forum.
    Please TEMPT ME to sign up with a list of brands & scents to be included in the Vendors category.
  4. Straight razor dandy

    Straight razor dandy Stuck cleaning the house himself PERMANENTLY

    Sign me up!
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  5. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    Outstanding! Great job at setting up the expectations.
    And big thank you to all of our vendors and members who have donated.
    Happy shaving!!
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  6. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    You're in! Send me a PM with your name, address, email and phone number please.
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  7. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    This is only a soap/cream pass-around, so I certainly haven't taken over the big box from Brad! We did one of these last year with pretty good success. This one will be much bigger.

    I will post photos of everything that is going in before it leaves. However, here is a taste of what to expect from the vendors:

    Ginger's Garden - Suede and Barber's Quartet soaps
    Stirling - Orange Chill, Sandpiper, Arkadia, Executive Man, Pumpkin Spice, Stirling Gentleman
    Route 66 - Cranberry Citrus and Rum Runner
    Jeeves - Turkish Bath
    Crowne and Crane - Tobacco Leaf and Amber, Port Royal Bay Rum

    The vendors' donations are NOT TO KEEP as some of the other soaps in the box CAN be kept if you replace them.
  8. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    I was ready to commit to Brad's Pass Around, then the unthinkable happened again. (Out with the negative vibes, In with the positive vibes)
    I like the commitment and donations by Vendors. Gives them a chance to spread the love. Making those Non-Tradeables keeps them in circulation for the life of the Pass Around or the particular sample/tub. Good Policy!
    Now I need to google up the product info and sniff my screen.
    I have enjoyed Ginger's Garden, Stirling, and Route 66 products but not in those scents.
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  9. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    The box will have lots of other stuff to try. Some Maggard scents, a couple more Stirling varieties, RazoRock, Derby lemon cream, Simpson's cream, etc.
  10. Straight razor dandy

    Straight razor dandy Stuck cleaning the house himself PERMANENTLY

    I am first up to bat, and I will hook it up as well.
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  11. Crowne & Crane

    Crowne & Crane Well-Known Member

    Supporting Vendor
    Just to properly set expectations, I contributed 2 pucks (in tins) rather than two jars. The jars hold more soap and the jars themselves are much larger and weigh more, which I was afraid would have adversely impacted your shipping costs. Even so, there should be way more soap than will be required for the entire pass around. However, if there is not, let me know and I'll replenish the supply.
  12. Straight razor dandy

    Straight razor dandy Stuck cleaning the house himself PERMANENTLY

    That is a very generous offer! Thank you!

    I have not yet tried your soap, but I would certainly like to. I am looking forward to it.
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  13. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Karl! Yes, there should be plenty for everyone to try. I really enjoy the two scents you shared. Haven't shaved with it (I'll wait until the end of the pass-around) but have of course smelled them in preparation of putting the box together. Really enjoy them!
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  14. Kenneth Sampson

    Kenneth Sampson Well-Known Member

    I'd like to get in on this. I probably won't take anything out of it but it's a good chance for me to try/smell different soaps. I only have 1 right now but would like to try more before comitting to buy.

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  15. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    You're in! Send me a PM with your name, address, phone, and email.

    Yes, this is a great and risk free way to try out and sniff a lot of great soaps! What soap are you using now?
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  16. Kenneth Sampson

    Kenneth Sampson Well-Known Member

    It's the VDH you can pick up from Wal-Mart or Safeway. I just started wet shaving right after Christmas and I wanted to grab something quick.

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  17. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    VDH is good stuff. I've used it a lot with good enjoyment. You'll love this pass-around.
  18. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Wow! The one and only time I tried to get a soap pass-around, so many folks were worried about dirty soap germs.

    I am in.
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  19. dustmite

    dustmite Well-Known Member

    I'm in! Had a blast with the last pass, and have some goodies this time around! PM inbound.
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  20. PLAla

    PLAla Well-Known Member

    Glad to have you!

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