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    Hi all my good shaving friends. Has anyone seen or had/has a straight razor made by FIELD AND COMPANY?
    I found out awhile ago that my great, great uncle had a company that sold straight razors around 1890 to 1910. I have not ever seen one but would like to... I spent the first 50 years of my life in NYC and never knew this. I even had a registered business named FIELD AND COMPANY. SO, if anyone can help, I would be very Grateful .

    Thank you and....happy shaving!
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    Here's an ended eBay listing with pictures.

    Here is a buy it now on eBay. Although in my opinion they are asking for too much money for the shape it is in.

    The straight razor up for auction is a much better deal if it stays low. As per forum rules I can't post active eBay auctions.

    By the way, welcome to Oregon.

    It sounds like there were two different ones. Those sold by Alfred and marked "A. Field and Co." made in Germany and "Marshall Field and Co." made in Sweden and Germany and sold in Chicago at the store. (now more commonly known as "Marshall Fields")
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    Thank you. I'm related to ALFRED FIELD. A. FIELD AND COMPANY. good old uncle Alfred had his business in NYC and imported razors from Germany. Thanks for the info. I tried to search eBay but didn't put the A initial in the search. Thanks again. These are the first I've seen.
    Thanks again,
    Field and company

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