TGN knot compared to Tweezerman

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by tomnat, May 23, 2011.

  1. tomnat

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    Does anyone know what knot at TGN would compare to a Tweezerman?
  2. GDCarrington

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  3. SOS

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    Depends on the TGN knot, They have everything from pure (which is similar to the Tweezerman knot) to Super silvertip.
  4. hdflame

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    I read your article, and it was very informative, thanks! I noticed the used Tweezerman has the biggest diameter. I think it's called "Bloom"? Was the recipient brush also from a used brush or new? I'm thinking new, from reading your how-to. I'm thinking that how far down you glue the knot is going to affect the bloom and how firm the hair is when in that correct?

    Tomnat, I was also wondering about the comparison, because the Tweezerman is the only brush I've used so far. I am planning on ordering a knot from TGN to use on an older brush. I assume that you're just wanting comparison because you like the Tweezerman, not because you're thinking of using one as a donor?

    Keep us posted if you get one. I'd be interested in your results.
  5. Slivovitz

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    I have reknotted two Ever-Ready handles with TGN Pure badger knots. Since they were different sized handles, I used one 18 mm and one 20 mm knot. The 20 mm one is about the same diameter as the Tweezerman, but has a bit more loft, the 18 mm one seems to be about the same total size.

    My re-knot jobs were a little sloppy but functional. I had the handles around since they had come with some shaving mugs, and thought I might as well use them. They had a bit more hair loss than the Tweezerman at first, but seem to have calmed down.
  6. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    HDFlame, the Tweezerman donor was a new (unused) brush which I had a pair available. As far the Tweezerman, the epoxy center makes it useless to put a new knot in. That is clear from my damaged handle view. The knot actually slipped into the base of the brass handle flush so it, surprisingly, was the perfect replacement. The bloom will spread out like the original handle due to the same clearance. The knot has a base that was intact after removing the epoxy, so it behaved like a standard purchased knot. I checked the hairs by a gentle and medium strength pull and no hairs came out. This should last a long time in the brass handle.

    With that in mind, I now know that Tweezerman brushes are meant to be used, enjoyed, but should be scrapped at the end of their life. It is the compromise that the epoxy center makes as far as strength and cost versus reloading ability.

    Tomnat, I would not use a Tweezerman as a donor obviously, but it is a good entry level brush and it suits my needs perfectly as is. In other words, I learned my lesson.
  7. tomnat

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    That is exactly right. The only badger I've used is the Tweezerman and when I end up getting a knot from TGN I don't want it to be exactly the same. I like the feel of the Tweezerman, but would like a little bit of variety.
  8. tomnat

    tomnat accepting applications

    CD, I saw your thread about reusing the Tweezerman when you posted it and that is something that I will never attempt.
  9. Gibbs

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    I have never had a Tweezerman, but I have re-brushed a cheap Burma Shave brush handle I used, and absolutely hated. The 20mm knot from Penworks is absolutely top notch. It is sivertip badger, has the right amount of stiffness without feeling like a porcupine. Lathers up good, doesn't shed and blooms fantastic. I have so much brush with the 20mm I have a hard time imagining using anything larger. This one produces so much fluffy lather it is rediculous. Very underated brush knot from TGN.
    Just my 2 cents

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