Total newb review of blades in my sampler pack

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by r1nzler, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Hello all. I saw this safety blade at walmart so i decided to give it a try (guess is basically a Weishi).

    I started with the stock blades, went through about 3 of em, and no matter what i was choppin my face up and getting a shave worse than my Shick Quattro.

    So anyways reading these forums i read that i should try different blades and see what works for me. I picked up the 120 B package on Amazon and so far here are my ratings.

    Once i review all of them I plan on going through them all again, as my skill will increase and rule out the possibility of a bad blade.

    My style of shaving so far as evolved to 3 passes. With grain, across grain, and finish against the grain.

    The first number is how i felt during the shave, comfortability and speed. The second number is the result of the shave, how smooth my face felt etc.

    Van Der Hagen kit blades 2/3 (face butchered)
    No matter what i did with this blades the results were just bad.

    Gillete Green box Russia 7/7
    Wow a very comfortable shave and i could be totally careless and get a good shave.

    Lord super stainless egypt 3/4 (2 cuts)
    Got these things were just horrible, hard to get a nice shave, alot of tugging.

    Astra Superior Platinum Russia 8/9
    Wow...this was an awesome feeling shave, so comfy on my face and awesome feedback. Smoothest face yet. Didnt even need to shave the next day.

    Treet Platinum Pakistan 6.5/8
    These for whatever reason werent as comfy as the previous Astras, i felt the shave was gonna be just average. After i cleaned up tho my face was pretty smooth.

    Feather High Stainless Japan 6.9/9.4
    Just tried these tonight. Not the most comfy shave but decent. After i cleaned up...oh lord my face was very smooth, even more then the Astras.

    Derby Greenbox. 7/5.5
    Shave was comfy starting off, blade seem to dull out after first pass and it just stopped cutting. Probly the most average blade ever.

    Vidyut SuperMax Platinum egypt: 6/5
    This blade tugged alot in the beginning and just gave me a real average shave. I really had issues getting my neck hair with this one so i gave up.The previous day derby was more comfy and gave just slightly better results (and way better neck shave)

    Lord Super Chrome 6.5/5.5
    This blade started off tugging more than i would like, but soon it started doing a decent job. I got 2 irritation redspots, which went away after i finished shaving. Other than that a fairly smooth shave. Very similar results as the derby but slightly less comfy. Not bad.

    PS so far Astras my favorite...So comfy even tho they were slightly less close than the feathers.

    Round 2

    Gillette Nacet 8/8
    This was a really weird blade. Started off really smooth. So i figured yolo lets goto town. Felt alot like a Astra SP. Before i knew it i had 2 weepers. So I think this blade must be sharper than i gave it credit. Overall Ide put this right up with the Astra minus a point for the weepers. Gonna have to give this one a second shot and respect it more.

    Voskhod 5/6.9
    This blade tugged real hard in the beginning. So much so i put back in the nacet i had used the day before, and it sliced through like butter. Put the Vosk back in and it was still tugging quite a bit, but eventually smoothed out some. Dunno if this was a bad blade or what. I eventually got a pretty decent shave, but it took effort. Best i can describe this blade is a Russian Derby..and maybe not as good

    Rapira Platinum Lux 6.9/7
    Pretty uneventful shave. Fairly comfy and decently sharp. All around solid blade. Would keep it in the rotation.

    Gillete Super Platinum 8*/9*
    This blade is fantastic. Ultra smooth and perfectly sharp. Cut through the whiskers no prob, and i was really careless with my technique with no weepers. Results were dynamite, face is so smooth.

    Im giving this a temporary score to match the Astra, but i think it may have surpassed it. These two will be doing a battle royal in the future.

    Gillette Sharp edge (yellow box) 6.5/9
    This blade was a real mixed bag. First pass it destroyed everything in its path with zero tugging. This blade is sharper than the u gillete blackbox and Astra sp. But on the XTG and ATG it felt like it was struggling and i got 3 weepers. This blade was not the most comfy, reminded me alot of a Feather. Once i cleaned up my face was very smooth and on par with the Astra and Blackbox. So maybe in a more skilled hand this would be a better blade, as its sharper, but i prefer the comfyness of Blackbox and Astras.

    Gillete Silver Blue 6.9/7
    Not much to say here. Seems like a less sharp Gillette yellow box, very similar to Gillette Green Box. I think i prefer the greenbox more.

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    Welcome to the Den. That's a nice variety pack. Glad you are enjoying the shaves better.

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  3. brit

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    welcome from b.c.canada.i love the astras too.
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  4. RetLEO-07

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    The VDH blades are crap.
    The 7 o'clock Greens are right up there as far as Russian steel goes.
    No experience with the Lord or Treet.
    Astra's did not work for me.
    Ditto on the Feather's.
    The thing with blades is, everybody's face is different. The Astra's and Feather's did really well for you which is great. For me they tugged and just did not work out.
    You should do a 30 day Focus concentrating on blades.
    Good luck!
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  5. Christopher Powell

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    Welcome. Yup that's a Weishi. I just used my Weishi today with a Rapira Super Stainless. It's a solid razor. Enjoy !!!
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  6. r1nzler

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    Derby Greenbox 7/5
    So this shave started off really nice
    Smooth comfortable and got a decent first pass.

    Then comes the second pass...nothing. Still a nice feel, but its like the blade just said "naw bro, i gave you and average shave, my work is done".

    I tried going against the grain even, and its like the blade decided it wasnt gonna cut any more.

    So i gave up.

    So in a nut shell, comfy shave, results no better than a cartridge shaver.

    I would use this as much benchmark for the most average blade and probly the minimum i would ever use.

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  7. Bama Samurai

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    Hi! Welcome to TSD! Razors and blades form a system based on the geometry of the razor head. The common thread I see in your reviews is that you like sharp blades. Your Weishi razor is why Derby wasn't so great for you. The geometry is too flat for Derby to excel. Astra SP is a forum favorite and one of the best values out there. Stick to good Russian blades or Feather and you'll be set. Looking forward to reading more, your reviews are actually head on and honest. I really dig that.
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  8. RyX

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    @r1nzler - There's a link in my signature below. The 30 Day Crew deals in these issues. Drop in, say hello to the group. If you ask a question you are sure to get opinions, advice, even actual information!
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  9. PLANofMAN

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    Article Team
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  10. Bama Samurai

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    Perfect blade choice, sharp and smooth.
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  11. r1nzler

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    You know i was kinda thinking this too as i was shaving with the derby Weishi combo.

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  13. RetLEO-07

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    As a graduate of the 30 Day Focus I totally agree! Head on over!! You'll also pick up other techniques. A couple of weeks ago there was a great discussion of lathering. I learned a lot.
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  14. r1nzler

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    Vidyut SuperMax Platinum egypt: 6/5

    This blade tugged alot in the beginning and just gave me a real average shave. I really had issues getting my neck hair with this one so i gave up.The previous day derby was more comfy and gave just slightly better results (and way better neck shave)

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  15. r1nzler

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    Kinda cheated today. Got my ebay spoils amd had to throw a Astra in.

    Wow was this a great shave. At first i was a little intimidated by the more blade gap, but then i just went to town. It was actually alot easier to shave with than my Weishi as i didnt have to attack at unnatural and extreme angles to get my desired smoothness.

    So best shave ever and now im hooked on this double blade safety razor thing

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  16. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Very nice! I am not an expert on this, @PLANofMAN probably knows, but the red tip ?may be? the most aggressive of the SS variants. And you're right on about Astra SP. you could buy a hundred now and you'd be happy about it in a year.
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  17. PLANofMAN

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    Yep, it is the most aggressive of the Super Speeds. The British version of the red tip is slightly milder.
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  18. Bama Samurai

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    Do you run Astra SP through all your DE stuff? I didn't try Astra until I was experienced, but found they were really good. I am in the GSB bulk camp, just because it's what I tried and bought in bulk first.
  19. Keithmax

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    @r1nzler hi from Seoul, nice to meet you.
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  20. Engblom

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    As you seem to like Astra SP, I highly suspect you would like Voskhod or Sputnik too.
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