Tracing the History of a Vintage WW1 Razor - Part 3: Robert Mercer Joins the Army

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    Actually You got a good point about "All quiet..", cause the anti-war movement i'm talking about is the one that grew out of the reactions to the war when it had ended. The criticism in a left wing publications (i suppose) is more in tune with the socialist view at the time, that the working class should not be fighting amongst themselves. What surprised some left wing leaders in Europe at the outset of the war was, that a lot of the workers got influenced by the nationalistic tendencies, and were more han willing to go to war anyway.

    As to the " Great War" not being great. I don't think You would find many historians today that would argue against this. The war was certainly a great tragedy.
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    Thanks Jim.
    I have already dug up some intersting stuff about Roberts war time experiences (or the 112th anyway), and what happened to him after the war. But working at 25% right now because i'm vacationing with the family :)
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