Two Brothers - Part 10

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  1. GDCarrington

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    This is the tenth in series about the "Life Stories" of two Gillette razors.
    A new installment will be presented approximately one to two weeks after the prior article has been posted.

    If you are new to this you can follow the series from the very beginning.
    The articles that preceded this one can be seen in the following links:

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    Ninth Article:

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    Image 48.jpg

    Image 49.jpg

    Image 50.jpg

    To be continued...
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  2. Bird Lives

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    Wow....another one of those moments that makes us think....We need to appreciate each day; and our loved ones; as if it was our last....
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    This is like watching a TV series. I have to wait until next week to find out what happens.
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  5. dreadpirate

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    I have often wondered what the story was behind the various vintage Gillettes (and straight razors) I have seen and owned. They all have a story.

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