Value of old Gillette and Gem Razors

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by GeneRector, Jan 13, 2012.

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    :) Howdy! I have a few old razors; however, which ones are worth more than a few dollars? Some of the DE razors my Dad used just seem to be too plentiful to be worth more than a couple of dollars. I enjoyed cleaning them up with scrubbing bubbles. What are some that are considered "rare" or hard to find? Your replies appreciated! Always, Gene
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    You would be best posting pics of what you have.
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    The "I just got this razor, what's it worth and where can I sell it?" thread.

    Rare Gillette razors would be a bottom-dial Fat Boy in either the 5-settings version or the 9-settings version, a serial number Toggle (as opposed to one with a date code), a nickel-plated Toggle (as opposed to the common gold-plated ones), a red dot Fat Boy, a Cavalier set, any of the sterling silver sets such as this one or this one or this one, etc., any of the sets with real ivory cases such as this one, a De Luxe set and of course any of the Gillette double-ring razors which were the very first razors made by Gillette. This is just a partial listing. There's a few more.
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    :) Howdy! Thanks Jody! That gets me started. When I was a teenager I never even thought about the value in razors, etc. Makes you wonder what our grandchildren will find valuable amongst our collection of things today. Always, Gene
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