What is technique and how do you develop it?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by theguitarshaver559, Feb 8, 2017.

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    Since I'm new to the whole safety razor thing and I haven't shaved with a safety razor yet, and I read people saying you need technique, I am just wondering what technique is and how you develop it. I won a 1960's Schick Krona DE razor on Ebay hours ago and I payed for it and it should reach me within a few days or a couple weeks. I also bought blades for the razor. I really do appreciate the help so far, and I hope it goes on!
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    It entails using the proper blade angle, not applying any pressure, creating a good lather, and finding what works best for you and then sticking to it. You develop it by shaving and by learning from your mistakes.

    A lot of members recommend sticking to the same razor, blade, soap, brush, and aftershave for at least 30 shaves in order to eliminate variables so that you can focus on your technique.
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  3. Herm2502

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    I suggest you check out YouTube videos by Mantic59. He's good at giving you the basics of how to wet shave. He also reviews razors, soaps and other things shaving related.

    The best advice I received was(1) NO pressure - unlike a cartridge razor a DE does not require you to use pressure. Just let the weight of the razor do the work. If you use too much pressure you'll end up with skin irritation or cuts.

    (2) Use a shallow angle. What's a shallow angle? Place the top of your Krona against your face, handle parallel to the floor. Then tilt the handle down just until you feel the blade. THAT'S the angle you want to hold throughout your shave. Use your arm muscles and keep a steady wrist.

    I'm sure you'll get more advice from other more knowledgeable TSD members, but that's my 2 cents worth. Good luck and enjoy.

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  4. gorgo2

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    "Well...Technique is what gives a wetshaver his power. It's an energy field created by skill, practice and patience. It surrounds his razor and penetrates it; it binds his face together."

    Obi-Wan Krona
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    I've always heard Krona's are very comfortable shavers. Good buy. It's usually good to try a few different blades to figure out what works for you. It took me a few months to find my blade. Mantic is a good place to hear the basics. Beyond that don't over - think it, you'll figure out what works for you as you go along.

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    Some good blades to try: Voskhod, Rapira Platinum Lux, PolSilver, Astra, Feather. There is a huge chance one of those blades will work really well.

    Once you receive your razor and you have loaded it with a blade try to "shave" any hard non-flexing surface. You will notice that a too steep or too shallow angle will lift away the blade from the surface. Most razor got the optimal angle right before the blade gets lifted away from the surface. Especially vintage razors seem to prefer the blade as parallel as possible to the surface (shallow angle). Some new razors, like Mühle R41 also works well with the other extreme (the steep angle).

    The close good shave comes from keeping the right angle, so the blade is slightly touching the skin, but the "weight" of the razor is on the cap (shallow angle) or on the bar (steep angle). Don't force the blade to the skin by adding pressure, adjust the angle instead.

    There is a special sound you will hear when you have a working angle.

    Always take the first pass with the grain. When you check up your face, you might be surprised what a "mess" the hair grows in. Not all hair are going from North to South. Some parts might be the opposite direction, some from East to West, etc. Shave each section of the face according to the grain.
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  10. Linuxguile

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    Good stuff right there. When you get your gear head on over to the 30 day thread where we can help you refine your technique and work on any problems that might come up.
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    For what it's worth, here's another FNG's advice. The best thing I did was "audition" blades for my razors on the "30 Day Rule/Focus" thread. Since I have to shave every day for work, I got plenty of practice. That's what helps develop technique, practice, practice, practice. Good luck!
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  12. '65 G-Slim

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    Patience. Don't forget patience. Take your time & enjoy it. It actually feels pretty good.
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    Does the blade on safety razors hurt as in pain when it touches the skin?
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  14. RetLEO-07

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    Only if you nick yourself.
  15. Engblom

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    Not when shaving is done in a correct way with a good blade. The shave can be painful if you got a blade not fitting you at all. As I told you in another thread, for me one blade wanted to pull up by root some whiskers rather than cut through. This is also one reason I strongly oppose that blades should belong to the 30 day rule.
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  16. swarden43

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    Honestly, you won't feel a thing until you splash water on the nick or cut.
    Razor slices are absolutely painless during the cut.
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  17. RaZorBurn123

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    It's like riding a bike, the more you do something the better you get acquainted with the gear you're using.
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  18. Herm2502

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    Patience is a great point. DE shaving will take quite a bit longer than a cartridge razor or electric. I think you'll find you'll actually enjoy the longer process.

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