What is technique and how do you develop it?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by theguitarshaver559, Feb 8, 2017.

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    I thought that was what styptic and bits of TP were for...
    I've been doing it wrong?

    Seriously, though; Cartridge razors have dumbed down shaving. They have guards, bumpers, training wheels. They pivot for you so there's never a care for the angle of attack. I'm not knocking them to be mean. They have their place. We have members that prefer them, and some folks take them when traveling to keep the greedy fingers of Airport Security off their fine razors.
    The Technique OP asks about starts with forgetting the cart style of shaving; pressing the blade(s) against your face. That the "no pressure" technique the DE shaver learns. Along with Riding the Cap, Beard Mapping, Pre & Post shave, Lather Making... Wow! I've learned a few thing in the last 19 months.
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    No. In fact, here's me in my stypic tank after using the 1924.


    Then I'm happy to be a dummy! :)
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    A good book is
    LeisureGuys Guide to Gourmet Shaving by Michael Ham
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    You got one of the best beginner razors, in my opinion.

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    I enjoy DE razors better than carts. That's just me.
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    Technique involves the ability (eventually muscle memory) to use the wrist to adjust the shaving angle of the fixed head of a DE razor rather than relying on the swivel head of the typical multi-blade razor. It also concerns the correct amount of pressure (lighter is better) to apply to a DE razor.

    Long story short--there is a very good reason why many vintage Gillette razors are now considered "mild". With the correct technique, these razors will give a bbs shave. A more "aggressive" razor, with a wider tolerance of blade exposure and gap, may also yield a close shave, even while using relatively poor technique, but does so with a much greater risk of cuts and nicks. A so-called mild razor was designed to provide a superb shave when used with a proper technique.

    My thinking is most DE beginners would be well served to use a mild razor while focusing on developing a good technique. This is essential because the contours of the face require adjustments if a close shave is the preferred result. In time, this becomes muscle memory.
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    Well stated, Sir! You've shaved a time or two?
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    Yep, began in the mid-1960's with a $1.00 super speed w/blue tip.
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